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  1. I am sorry just had a train of thought. Will the 2+2 clutch fit on any flywheel ? . I have 280zx trans so I will use that collar with a clutch kit . I will get my spare flywheel surfaced . Thanks DC
  2. Thanks I think they are all the same so the next ? Can I put the 240 clutch fit on the coupe. Thanks
  3. 280z engine in a 240zna lost the clutch yesterday so ... I have a l24 flywheel in the garage can I have it surfaced and ready to go (in other words are the l24 and l28 flywheels the same ) Is it worth it to buy a lighten fly wheel on a NA car? I was think of saving $ and put it in my turbo car thought it would have a greater effect. Thanks DC
  4. Sure I sent you a PM. Hes a nice guy and has a race shop and only works on diffs on the side to help pay for racing. I say its a race shop but maybe more like a huge garage that would make everyone here jealous.
  5. Travelin' man you'll notice a difference in the mountains. Especially with the extra HPs you have. It makes a bigger difference in my turbo car than the NA just because of the torque but a nice upgrade. There is a guy in Weaverville who works on diffs. especially the Subaru and Mazda stuff. I had him re-stack the shims in mine after I broke the c-clips. I was told it is better than stock but don't know for sure since I broke mine before install the 1st time.
  6. No, Highly recommended I have a r200 LSD in my turbo car. I like the sti diff a little better maybe because I had the shims re stacked in the sti. I found my STI diff on the WRX forums pretty cheap.
  7. After installing a STI diff in I figured I would share my experience. Ok the folks at Wolf Creek say to hit the stub axles in with a hammer. Mine did not go in so easy so i put it on a press . Don't do what I did~! You must center the C-clip that lies in the diff between the shims of the LSD. I being a newbie did not know and broke the C-clip. Luckily it fell into the spider gear and locked the diff so when I turned in a parking lot it was like having a welded diff. After taking back out again and taking it to local diff guy he re-stacked the plates and replaced the C-clip all is good now. Much better handling ...
  8. Glad you liked the car . It took a while to get there plus a few hiccups that George did not mention like the state of Tenn. miss printing the vin numbers on the title and the customs not letting him have the car but thanks to Tenn. to rectify the situation. Glad to hear it went well. That is the only z that I have ever had that has little or no cabin exhaust fumes. I am still trying to fix mine on my 2 240s. I hope to pay you and the car a visit one day in Greece. As usual if you need any parts from over here let me know.. Dan
  9. malibud

    280zxt timing

    Zed Head, Thanks for the help I tested everything and traced it back to the the temp sensor going to the head was broken. Replaced timing jump to 20 degrees at idle. Still had the problem with it and called Jim wolf . They said to recirculate the BOV into the intake. Since the Bov was ging into the atmoshere it was tricking the MAF sensor. I am working on it now keep you posted.
  10. malibud

    280zxt timing

    Sorry I left out details . yes I have 2 72s . This one is a turbo swap it is new to me so I don't know everything. it is kinda of a hodge podge bored out f54 block, n42 head, Jim Wolf ECU (modified stock) 420 injectors, garrett turbo, water/oil cooled external waste gate about 1 bar of boost. I think the wastegate is a TIal knock off I have read it is best to spend the money here and get a new WG. Yes I tested the TPS circuit at the ECU box worked connection with no throttle infinity ohms at throttle(no connectivity). There is only a limited amount of adjustment by moving the TPS. I did move it up as far as it could go RPM increased but still did not help problem: Coming off high rev Rpms drop then car dies. Maybe I should open the TPS and clean contacts . I did test the FI temp sensor it checked out OK 2.6 ohms (it is mounted on the fuel pump delete plate) I will try to figure out where it plugs into the ECU this week and check connectivity there to rule it out but perhaps this is where the problem is. Thanks again
  11. malibud

    280zxt timing

    The problem is in the TPS .. my throttle body has been replaced . in the manual it has the TPS facing up mine is horizontal. Make a difference ? when I move it down RPM drops . I did the OHm test per FSM everything checked out. maybe time to pull the TPS apart and clean points ? or try to turn vertical but I would only have one screw to hold it on. Does the placement of the TPS hold open the throttle at idle ? Man the more I learn the more ?s I have. the old s30 is much easier but boost is fun.
  12. malibud

    280zxt timing

    Got it I will check tomorrow many thanks...
  13. malibud

    280zxt timing

    I have spare from a 75 280z that I can switch are they the same ? So the there is no more adjusting the timing advance ? What about unplugging the tps ? Interesting because it idles fine but dies after running hard . I guess the egr has nothing to do with it it does not have a vacuum line hooked to it. Thanks for the quick response
  14. malibud

    280zxt timing

    Ok the FSM says 24 degrees , I loosen the 2 bolts and turned the dizzy but 12 is as far as I can go . I can't find any other bolts. I think I have eliminated all vacuum leaks. Is there a bolt to loosen so that i can get more advance? My car dies at idle. thanks
  15. Got them new at wolf creek . I had trouble getting one past the clip. With the press I got it in. It drop until the clip fit in the grooves. I will google and see if I figure out How do you take the clips out . thanks
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