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  1. Oh that would be entirely to easy. Thinking I could clean up those 45 year old wheels myself was unrealistic at best and only AFTER I had the dry rotted tires taken off. did I discover this...alternate reality. Called a soninlaw that used to rebuild wheels to get the low low. Sandblast, turn on lathe, powder coat clear. I got a tire machine (manual) , a glass bead machine, I got 2 lathes ! Wheels won fit in either one, and it was easier for $20 to have tire store take them off. Given that and that I figure for me to clean and polish them will take about 8 hours each. To send them out about $150 ea. To replace them after market about $150 ea. NOW you can see why Im going about this this way hoping someone out here in cyber Z land has dropped theirs w Tokico springs and struts and has a really great custom street tire / wheel set up. And now you know the rest of the story.
  2. The stock wheels are in rough shape. $150 ea to sand blast, turn, and coat, so I might as well get new after market wheels. What are your suggestions ? Do I stick w 14x6 or do I go bigger, and or wider ?