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Found 27 results

  1. 5ea, still in original mislabeled boxes, never used beyond certifying content. Bolts, O-rings, Caps as originally shipped. Appear to be specifically manufactured for early Z Cars. Contact for more info.
  2. Hi I have a old pair of Minilites that I'd like to refurbish. They're dull and corroded. What are my options? Pros & Cons? Someone told me I should paint them...Really?!?! Can't I polish? Here are some pics...Please lemmee know your thought y'all! Thanks! Jughead
  3. Hi All, First of all I've read several wheel fitment threads on the site. Please don't' shoot the messenger, still confused. Pushed into buying wheels and tires quickly (not good). Converted to vented rotors / rear disk brake conversion and now the 14" wheels do not fit over the front calipers. This would all be ok if the car was in my garage but it's 30 miles from my home in a service garage. The shame of spending dollars and having the car towed home, just doesn't seem right. Please only comment if you've have a similar config listed below. Only looking for confirmation on stock body (no flares) 240Z's. Specs: 1973 240Z with air dam (front valence removed), stock fenders, Eibach progressive springs on stock shock housings. Car is slightly lowered with the rear shock spacers installed. Will 15" x 7" 0 offset wheels and 205 x 60 x 15 tires fit without any issues? Need to purchase and deliver to get the car home. Thank you for your help,
  4. I have finally narrowed down a shake in my steering wheel and bounce in my car to the 41 year old aluminum wheels. These issues, along with having to run a spacer for one of my Toyota 4x4 Calipers has led me to look for new wheels for the Z. I'm looking at the Konig Rewinds and Rota RB's but don't know what size and offset I should get to fit the car as best as possible. If anyone has upgraded to these wheels or has advise in general, I would love the feedback.
  5. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  6. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  7. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  8. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  9. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  10. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  11. Mike


    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    © Mike Gholson

  12. View Advert Watanabes NEW IN BOX for sale...never mounted 15 X 7.5 8.5 offset Fits 240Z Fronts may need spacer Never mounted, comes with or without tires (tires mounted and balanced) $2400 without tires $2750 with tires mounted... Buyer pays shipping. Sold my 240Z and no longer need. Andy (269) 370-2419 Advertiser ABCar Date 04/14/2019 Price $2,400.00 Category Parts for Sale  

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    15 X 7.5 8.5 offset Fits 240Z Fronts may need spacer Never mounted, comes with or without tires (tires mounted and balanced) $2400 without tires $2750 with tires mounted... Buyer pays shipping. Sold my 240Z and no longer need. Andy (269) 370-2419



  14. The stock wheels are in rough shape. $150 ea to sand blast, turn, and coat, so I might as well get new after market wheels. What are your suggestions ? Do I stick w 14x6 or do I go bigger, and or wider ?
  15. Moving sale! I have a set of 4 (and 1 spare tire) of the old school 4 lug 14" MAG wheels with pretty much new (but old) tires on them. The rims and tires have been sitting for about 4 years in my garage, but have no punctures or issues. The rims are in decent shape (pictures to come soon) and have no dents in them and hold air fine (like I said, they worked perfectly fine when I had them on the z some time ago). With a little TLC these bad boys would look great on a resto 240/60/80Z. Price: FREE in Mission Vijeo,CA 92691 contact me @ 949-444-2251
  16. Want to buy 16 or 17 inch rims. Located in Orange County, CA. Thanks!
  17. I am looking for a 17" Superleggra for our Subaru 2.5RS. Is there a retailer of user wheels somewhere. Thanks for any help Don
  18. Looking for some nice 15x7 wheels for my 1972 240z. Car looks nice but i guess better wheels will make it look nicer. Any opinions?
  19. Hey ya'll, I have 14" stock rims and just ordered 205/60/R15 tires, so I need a new set of 15" wheels. I'm looking for 7" in diameter. I don't like the 2 or 3 options there are for 15x7's with 0 offset, and I'm trying to keep the tire track pretty close to stock. So it got me wondering..... If I bought a wheel with 25mm (about 1") POSITIVE offset, but then combined it with a 25mm wheel spacer, wouldn't that simulate "0mm offset" in terms of clearance with calipers, brakes, spindle, etc.? If yes, then this would be nice as it would give me more wheel options by using an 1" thick adapter to change bolt pattern, or picking a wheel with positive offset in 4x114.3 pattern.
  20. I need from 1 to a set of 4 original 240Z steel wheels from a 1970 car. Must be date-stamped 70 (for 1970). These wheels are 4.5 inches wide at the tire bead. Can also use 1 to a full set of 4 original 'D' hubcaps from a 1970 car. Call Pete at 250-821-1026, or email: cain@uwo.ca Thanks!
  21. Ok my Dear Z friends hoping for your help locating some center caps for my Z! Shes sporting Black Pearl wheels, and I love the look! However I need some center caps, and I have tried everywhere! Hoping someone has some they can part with, or has a for sure contact. As I said, I have tried everywhere, even down the rabbit hole, still no luck! Are there any Z friends, experts out there who can lend an assist? I'm at a dead end Thanks much! K The lil z lady They are about 2" deep. Part # 40343n3200 They are from a 1978 Datsun 280 z *** Please PM me if you can help!
  22. Anyone out there try 18 x 8 wheels on a 240 with low profile ties to maintain the same tire diameter (24.7")? I'm having alot of concern about the requried offset to make this work. At firs t plush looks like I'll have to go 15" wheels with the appropriate adapter.
  23. My 240z has hard brake lines connected to the stock brake proportioning valve below the master cylinder. There is fluid seeping from around these hard lines even though the nuts on the proportioning valve are cranked down tight. I'm going to be upgrading my master cylinder to install 4 piston calipers which I've had on hand for a while and can not seem to find somewhere to purchase a new proportioning valve (which I believe is the issue). Thank you for your help and any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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