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  1. Yep that looks to be the case! Thanks for the quick response. looks like I may have to get mine serviced :/
  2. Ok, I haven't done a valve adjustment since I bought the car which was roughly 9 months ago. I purchased it from someone who had been working on it and it was in pretty good shape. Today I go to adjust the valves and when I lift the valve cover, I notice the Pivot lock nuts are much bigger than any manual said they should be. I haven't been able to find an L28et that looks similar to mine with the cover off. Maybe I'm not looking at it right but I thought I would ask before I started loosening the nuts. Also there aren't two nuts like the manual says, just that one lock nut. I also tried to get the feeler gauges through just to see If there was any clearance. and I couldn't get even the 0.0015" feeler through with the cam lobe pointing straight up. Is there something I'm missing? (another note: The lock nut on there is bigger than 22mm, which was the biggest wrench I had on hand)
  3. Hey, I'm new to the forum and just picked up my first 280z. Amazing car but I'm a bit worried for it since its parked outside most of the time. I was going to get a modern security system, but was unsure of how practical it would be to put a system into an older car (its a 1977). While looking at systems I found the Grant steering wheel quick release which seems to be pretty practical and would probably deter more people than the average security system. Do any of you have experience with either security method? Any suggestions? Also, I have an ignition cut off switch already hidden in the car as well as cylinder key locks for the doors.
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