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  1. You can p/u carpet sets from MSA or Zcardepot, they are not really the same quality of carpet that came originally with the car but they are not too bad either, the price is reasonable.
  2. I've owned a lot Subies and have done that head bolt job a few times, real pain in the butt.
  3. Try submerging it in hydrogen peroxide out in the sun.
  4. Don't go, there's gotta be a work around. I love this build.
  5. This is a pre-oiler I put together yrs ago, I use it for every engine rebuild just before start up or on engines that haven't run in a long time. The air hose attaches to the nipple I welded on, 2 liters of fresh oil goes in the canister, oil filter on the outlet hose, usually I screw the fitting into where the oil pressure sensor goes. Fill it with 90psi and squeeze the handle, the entire oiling system is filled including the engine oil filter.
  6. It has a MAF but it came with the engine so I have no idea if it works or not, unplugging the MAF changes the rpm when at idle so I'm assuming that it works. I removed all the pollution control vacuum lines when I rebuilt the engine, the only vacuum line left goes to the fuel regulator, I'm pretty sure there are no vacuum leaks as I've very careful to eliminate that possibility on reassembly. Fuel pump is working while cranking. I disassembled the ignition switch today, cleaned and sanded the contacts, it seems to be working fine. I'm using a canam relay/fuse box to handl
  7. Haven't figured out the key/starter problem yet but had it running today and while the engine is warming up and the revs are normal and steady if I unplug the MAF the revs go anther 400 rpm higher, plug the MAF back in and they go back to normal, once the engine starts cycling unplugging the MAF makes no difference.
  8. Photovoltaic? Is it still the case that the panels will never pay for themselves in savings or has the efficiency improved enough?
  9. Terrific! Thrush muffler is very American sounding, JDM muffler although glorious race sound would get me in trouble with my neighbors and I think might get a bit tedious on long drives. The classic Z Story muffler is the sweet spot for me, thanks for doing this, excellent comparison by driving the same route, same revs, window open/closed.
  10. I got the engine started today! Couple of problems though and would appreciate any help. The engine is a 4cyl 2.4L KA24DE from a 1991 240sx, fuel injected, standard distributor with one ignition coil. The engine won't start by turning the key, I have to turn the key to ON and use a remote hand switch connected to the starter? Once the engine has started the revs seem normal until the engine starts warming up then the revs slowly climb to 1500-2000 and the revs cycle up and down, not hunting, the up/down cycle is predictable. Thanks.
  11. Okay, dumb question, what are these tools for?
  12. I'll trade places with you any day, would love to live in the desert.
  13. Have you painted the spokes in that photo or is the black paint original?
  14. Hard to be a good quality axe, the 1st one is a heavy and tall, that's the splitting axe, 2nd is a Timber framers hatchet, 3rd is my brother's old practice throwing axe, he use to perform in those logging shows in the Pacific NW, 4th one is just a nice all round general axe, 5th is a very old Adz used for squaring up timber beams, the 6th pick is a Timber framer's slick, also used in old time ship building, basically a 2 handed chisel, great fun to use.
  15. I believe those are Western Cyclone II wheels.
  16. I bought the headliner pre-made from a place on ebay, they also include a big sheet of extra fabric for the AB and C pillars, I even got the parcel self covered as well. It fits pretty well, there are some stitching irregularities but once I can get the car out into the sun I think most of that and a few wrinkles relax. That is the first headliner I've done where it hangs from steel bows, steep learning curve.
  17. Tinfoil hat squad, you'll have to tweak your theories, https://www.sciencealert.com/mounting-evidence-suggests-covid-19-was-spreading-in-the-us-by-december-2019
  18. I swear there is an unwritten law of nature that sates anything you install you will have to uninstall, several times for one reason or another. A productive weekend though, got the headliner and the rest of the vinyl trim finished, that's a nerve wracking moment when you take the Xacto blade and puncture and cut a hole in the headliner you've worked so hard on got to be done though, that light has to recess up into the center frame. I got the parcel shelf and footwell kick panels completed, both bumpers painted with 3 coats of clear, also installed the front windshield, just have to rem
  19. That's a great idea, to be able to remove the battery support to get the sand that accumulates but the battery is secured to that support and also to the firewall by one screw. Worst case scenario, the car stops suddenly in a collision that heavy battery will become a projectile. The hood may or may not contain it.
  20. One of the possible drawbacks of the 90lbs of force or the 4313 cartridge is it requires more closing force than the original lift and at least in my case resulted in the lift support on the body being pushed away and bending. Had to strip the area down and re-weld that support, now the support on my car could have just been weak or poorly welded from the factory, I don't know but for the one lift early cars maybe a 70-80lb lift should be considered.
  21. I tried to donate in my 20's and as soon as they found out about my Heroin using girl friend at the time they told me to get lost. Fear of Hepatitis and HIV I guess.
  22. Not specific to the current problems but have you gone around and clean all of the harnesses body grounds?
  23. I got a bunch of stuff done in the past couple of weeks, when I bought the headliner it came in a small box and was badly creased, I stapled it to some 1"x2" and hung it on the wall, a year and a half later the creases have worked themselves out. So got the headliner hung by the bows, the exhaust system almost finished, the rest of the engine put together, door glass and quarter windows installed. Also the hood and trunk lid are done.
  24. Rockauto, why pay more for the same thing?
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