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  1. An oldie but a goodie,
  2. And that's a fair price for what you get considering you would have to dump $30k more into it.
  3. Hard to beat the Euro spoiler when it comes to cool.
  4. Rich women have to have something to spend their money on.
  5. Who makes that panel and why on earth would they put such a badly fitting piece on the market? It's not like it can be fixed or modified to make it fit either.
  6. Something to do with the windshield? Maybe a rock pit in the windshield?
  7. So big it has its own address. Congrats, the engine sounds great, you can hear that lumpy cam.
  8. I did, they are Appliance wheels as I remember. The car is in Cali now so who needs wipers? It certainly had the original wipers when it left me.
  9. Jim, can you transfer the new rubber diaphragm to an OEM housing?
  10. My old 240Z is up for sale again. https://www.garagedreamauctions.com/auctions/1970-datsun-series-one-240z-thurs-pm-copy-copy/
  11. The price needs to be lowered $10,000 for painting the wheels body colour 🤢
  12. With the hard top I think it is just stunning, as elegant as a Jag, but as a convertible the B pillar wrecks it for me. It looks clunky.
  13. You don't see a Triumph Stag much any more unless you're at a British car day.
  14. Yes this is all doable and if you were going to keep the car for yourself to enjoy it for years to come then you would see people saying "Go for it". But as you are prepping the car to sell it then it really it is best not to mess with the originality. Carl's advice above is rock solid.
  15. So I'm not sure these pics will be of much help to you, I'm nowhere near ready to cement the seals in yet so I can't replicate what is happening to yours. But I wonder if it isn't as easy as lubricating the seals a bit so they don't crumple but slide over the paint into the right position or maybe put the seals the way you want them and then keep the door closed for a week so they can take on some memory?
  16. I I have new door seals, I'll pull them out tomorrow and install one to see if I get the same results.
  17. That's actually a better place for that tag to be than way down on the shock tower.
  18. Uummmmm, every 2-3 months, I make like 3-4 calls on it a month. Absolutely, gas station maps have really taken a dive the last few yrs. The Rand-Mcnally large map books are pretty good and they don't fall apart the second time you open it.
  19. Unless of course you don't need those "capabilities", in my case they are just more useless features, that's why my flip phone is good enough for my needs. I turn it on to make a call and turn it off when I'm done. Paper map users of the world unite!
  20. When you sell your 280z it will be bought by a collector, he'll drive it around the block and park it next to all the other cars he doesn't drive.
  21. What you are pointing to is the inside rocker panel, this is what you are looking for, they come in left or right. https://kfvintagejdm.com/shop/datsun/inner-rocker-left-side-datsun-240z/
  22. @One Way, I think I have a unicorn you might be interested in. Back when I had my 280z it was missing the D/S hood vent drip pan so when I was at our local Z clubs swapmeet I picked up a pan for my car. When I got it home I could not figure out how to mount it, it wouldn't fit, it was then that I realized that some clever guy had made an identical pan for the passenger side. Here it is, it's very well done. It is useless to me as I don't own that car anymore, it's all yours for the price of shipping.
  23. Another good question, the only leak I have in the fuel system is an air breather hole, very small that I drilled in the gas cap to equalize pressure. Now that you have mentioned it I think I will take a razor blade and cut a small slit in the wrap right at the top of the gas filler door. Thanks
  24. Well I don't have electrical power out near the storage tent so basically I did exactly what GI Joe is doing only the flame is smaller. In the pic you can see the blue flame in the bottom right corner, I kept the flame 6-7" away and always keep the flame moving. With an electric heat gun you have great control and can chase or push the wrinkles away as the wrap shrinks, the torch doesn't have that directional control so it takes a little longer. Once the wrap is tight against the paint you don't go back there, I only used it on the baggy areas.
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