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  1. '76 280z 2+2 new paint, new tires, with 120,000 miles. car is driven every day and runs great. known problems: ding in quarter panel on drivers side and driver's seat is torn. contact jeff or kent jeff @ 706.238.7967 or jstatham@berry.edu kent @ 706.766.6269 or rbowen@berry.edu Pics here...
  2. a BIG THANKS to everyone that responded and especially sblake01 for selling me the part that i needed...:classic:
  3. talked to a rep at Victoria British and they said they have a part called Vacuum Switch-Ported part # 52-635 just wondering if this will work?
  4. I've included a picture of the part that i need... thanks for any help you can give ;-)
  5. still searching for a valve-vacuum switch for a 1976 280z 2+2... it has a straight six and has been running great until a sensor wire broke off. Now the car thinks it's running cold all the time and is running the gas too rich. or at least that's what i think it's doing. Nissan gave me this part number of 14956-U6705 and they said two other part numbers will work 14956-U6701 and 14956-U6700. but of course, nissan doesn't make or carry this part anymore! i've checked several parts houses and now i'm looking in the junk yards. any HELP would be greatly appreciated ;-)
  6. Can anyone help direct me to a place to find a part for a 1976 Datsun 280Z 2+2 I need a part called a valve vacuum switch and the nissan part # is 14956-U6705, and there are two other part #'s that will work: 14956-U6701 and 14956-U6700 Tks in advance.. Huck
  7. call me crazy... but i've got to sell this one to restore another one. this is a 1976 280z 2+2. driven and maintained on a regular basis. air & heat works great. no engine problems and runs like a dream. more pics will be loaded on my gallery as approved. also can view pics at my website - www.pctechtrainer.com/zcars.htm repairs needed: there's a tear in the drivers seat a scratch on the rear quarter panel of the passenger's side a ding on the bottom of the left door paint is beginning to fade on the edges of the roof radio is not hooked up... looking for an original radio repairs done: replaced the radiator replaced the water pump replaced the master brake cylindar replaced the brake pads first one with $3500 OBO gets this one ;-)
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