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  1. I have an 83' 280zx Coupe. I've had the brakes and power steering pump rebuilt. Its does not have original paint, the previous owner had a mask job done. The interior is in great shape and the engine runs smooth at 190,000 miles. The manual transmission has just started to go - need synchro replaced. It still drives, but you have to shift a bit gently between 1st and 2nd. My question for fellow Z enthusiasts, is will it be worth it for me to have the transmission replaced or just try to sell this "as is"? I'm interested in purchasing a different Z car, but am not sure there is a market for a
  2. Hi, My driver's side headlight is dim from time to time, causing the warning light to illuminate "headlight". I've taken it to a couple of mechanics who say it is a faulty switch. I've swapped out the switch only to find them faulty as well. Does anyone know if cleaning the contacts can fix this issue? Have any of you experienced this problem? New switches are over $400 dollars so I'm hoping to find a way to fix this.
  3. Regarding your signature: If you have the VIN or license plate number you can run a CarFax check for $18 that should state the location of the vehicle.
  4. My digital dash speedometer tends to not track speed very smoothly. For example; while accelerating the numbers may jump down a few, then go up a few before staying consistent on the speed. Is a normal function or should the speedometer track acceleration and deceleration perfectly smoothy and move through all numbers without jumping? thanks again for humoring a newbie question.
  5. I successfully disabled the aspirator fan. I unplugged the "blue" wire from the fan's housing. The AC still seems to be working as usual. Are there any safety hazards caused by leaving something disconnected behind the dash like that? SO GREAT to not hear the scratching aspirator fan while driving. That thing was loud. Maybe I'll look for an OEM replacement that will run silent.
  6. I just had a mechanic recommend a rack and pinion rebuild. My quote was $900. Power steering fluid is leaking, but I don't know to what extend. My steering feels fine while driving, except for occasional friction at the far extremities of wheel turning. I wonder how to tell that its time to have the rack replaced?
  7. The Antenna Motor on my 83' 280zx coupe is noisy. I can't imagine that it was that loud when new. Is there a way to lubricate or tune up the motor that raises and lowers this? thank you
  8. I've been skeptical about these. Can you see the old dash peeking out from underneath? Does it add bulk to the overall look of the dash?
  9. Thanks a lot for the help! I'll see what I can do with this new information.
  10. I have an 83' 280zx couple. The aspirator fan in the dash is very noisy. Does anyone know how to disable this without losing AC functionality?
  11. I am seeking a good condition Brown shifter knob for an 83' 280zx, coupe. Anyone know good resource for NOS & OEM parts? thank you
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