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  1. Hello, in my 280zx (From 1980) is an P/S Rack and Pinion From 1983. In the Boots is always steering Oil. Is it possible to repair it at home? I mean Repair the rack and pinion. are spare parts available? I used the Steering Pump form 1980 280zx, this got an pressure from 6 or 7 Bar like manual said. I have no information at what pressure the later P/S works? are the pumps identical`? or killed i the seals because of wrong pump and to much presure`? tomorrow ill try the correct pump. but i dont believe this makes anything better. is the oli bleeding an known problem or not? iam the only one?
  2. hello, I´am from germany and got an 280ZX 2+2 targa from 08/1981. it has 147Hp and is the pre facelift model also called series I (with chrome bumpers) are ther differences at the L28E rings 75-80 and 81-83 ?? thint one ring has different thickness?? nissan gave me partnumber for my car (12033-P8370). this should fit. but in auctions at ebay this partnumber is fpr 280ZX until 1980. but i have one from 1981. so its possible to have other rings? i am also not sure if the american years are same than german? nissan said 05/1980-08/1981 have partnumber 12033-P8370. can i believe nissan germany
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