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  1. Thanks for "gently" re-directing my 'tuning' reference to the proper 'valve adjustment' interval. I am still in the learning process with regards to the Z. It's been fun and frustrating at the same time, something you have probably been experiencing during your "refreshtoration"! Btw, I did my undergrad at U of O, where I had an '80 280ZX.
  2. He said tuning once a year for regularly/lightly driven cars, and 2 to 3 times yearly for those driven "hard". I suppose other factors come into play such as track use and appearance of worrisome symptoms, but he was giving me a general recommendation. I may have to PM you about your personal experiences with your Rebello. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. here's a few on it's Strip debut yesterday morning..... Enjoy!
  4. Yes it is fast, yes it is loud,yes the ride is quite harsh; but I was quickly reminded why I pursued this Z.... It is a pure sports car in every sense of the word, and the lines are still gorgeous after all these years. I could go on describing more of the car's attributes, most of which the community is so familiar with, but the quality time spent with my teen son on the drive home was definitely priceless....
  5. Your grapevine is indeed accurate. The blue.Z is quietly sleeping in the garage after a smooth 200 mile journey from Cali to Vegas. It was great to finally meet the owner and of course, the car. Thanks so much again to all the advice and support. More details to follow.....
  6. Let me take the wheel, that would make one heck of a test drive! .... the excitement builds!.....
  7. Spoke to Dave @ Rebello Racing who said the engine is good for 100,000 miles. Just need valves adjusted at regular intervals, depending on how the car is driven. Thanks for all your responses/replies so far. Keep 'em coming! Heading south for the test drive....... ;vD
  8. Reviewing the records, it is evident that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making this car rather exceptional. Surprised, though, that the brakes haven't been upgraded to match the extra power. I'm not so familiar with the current Z market other than recent ads. Is 15K reasonable for a car of this condition and upgrades? I am anxious for the test drive. The owner has been what I call a "dream seller", very patient with answering questions and responding to emails promptly. In a word.... a gentleman. Further comments and inputs will be appreciated before I pull the trigger soon!
  9. Having read some of your previous forum entries, I value your opinion greatly. I will, of course, still practice due diligence such as reviewing service records. I have found that certain people in a car community carry a reputation that are oftentimes translated over to their cars. I do appreciate your input.
  10. Had a stock 72 Z with 68k miles that I thoroughly enjoyed but moved on to other sport cars. Wanting to get back into the Z world that I miss, but unsure about a modified version. The car is the blue 71 with a 3.1 stroker (Rebello) advertised in the ad section by jackboxxx. Anyone familiar with the car? My conversations with the owner have been very positive and reassuring thus far, but with my limited technical knowledge on "built" motors and reliability (this one appears to be well-maintained and not excessively "massaged". i.e. no track/drag days), I want to get some input from the community. I do not intend to track the car myself, but do want the extra performance and the 5 speed to enhance the experience this time around. Would a visual inspection and test drive suffice to make a decision with this particular vehicle, or should I heed to to the standard of "every car needs a ppi". Any suggestions for a shop in the San Bernardino/Riverside area that could inspect the car? Please review the ad and tell me what you think! Thanks.