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  1. Robert thanks for the comment and letting others know the quality of Charlie's inner rockers. Glad to know you are satisfied with the set I made for you.
  2. I would love to buy those tie in panels for all 4 corners...do you have any available?

  3. Hey Just figured id update everyone that might not know already. But just noticed that Charlie at Zedd Findings is now offering the Inner Rocker Panels. I dont think I am allowed to post up links, but if you check out his website they are on there on their own link/tab. Hopefully what he offers will be a great alternative to mine. My apologies to those that tried to buy from me, just unfortunate that I dont have a lot of time to spend on make parts. Hopefully ill be able to make some more soon.
  4. Sorry for the extremely late response. Unfortunately I am unable to do high volume production. I can do seat brackets, but they are really time consuming to make as I dont have much time to spend on making things for others anymore due to my work keeping me busy and the time I need to put into my own cars. But there are times when I can put time into making stuff for others. Well all id like to update this and inform everyone that Charlie at Zedd Findings called me up and talked to me about he wanting to start making the inner rockers. I told him I have no issues with it as I thi
  5. In regards to your welds on the insert you made, looks like the material was well cleaned. As others said, probably just a combination of your settings when you welded it. Only thing I can say is just practice practice practice. I myself should be out more practicing but I tend to get lazy. If I were welding on someone else car parts, then I would spend some time practicing before. But if its just for me, I dont care, like you said, more of a function guy than looks (to a certain extent). Looks like it worked out well in the end for you. Now I know what to look for if I have to do this, thank
  6. definitely a Chassis camera under body view. Reminds me seeing stuff like this at Barrett Jackson and Mecum Auctions when they show the chassis camera as the cars roll up to the podium. Id be scared to drive that on the road, wouldnt want to get any niks or scratches or scuffs.
  7. Another slow progress update. So I am kind of mad at myself for not knowing what happened to the pictures when I reworked on the driver side quarter panel. I must of either forgot to take pictures or accidentally deleted them. But anyways here are some pictures I took before welding the antenna hole. The crease got a little banged up during the rework, tried to crease it back out some. The Antenna hole metal piece cut out and test fitted. I used tape to get the shape. Taped over the hole, then just marked on it. Peel the tape off then tape it on to a scrap piece of metal to mak
  8. The green in the font is most appealing of them. The one next to is nice, but just a bit too bright/light of a green to me.
  9. Thats awesome, may have to look into it. Would it work on the hood?
  10. Those actually dont look too bad. Ill have to think about those. Thanks for sharing and taking time to post up pictures.
  11. Glad you got a chance to use one. Really is the magic marker tool of the sheet metal tools.
  12. So Im kind of curious now. Looking at various pictures online of what appears to be stock datsun Z's from japan and perhaps other counties, they have no rear side markers, only the fronts. Was it only America that had the rear makers?
  13. Thanks for the interest, will let you know If I decide to make them. This guy has the answer right! Yeah it would suck if someone side swiped you because they didnt see any lights on the car at night, which I highly doubt would happen. I had my front side markers wired to blink with the turn signal on, to better help others on the road knowing if im turning right or left when looking at my car from the side. Thanks for sharing, I would like to see an image with a Z having those side makers installed like everyone else.
  14. So I ended up reworking the passenger side quarter panel. I had to fix one of two dents at the very rear end and figured while I was at it, might as well do a better job than my previous hack job. You all probably had enough with these quarter panels updates, but this will show you why not to give up and keep at it till its about where it should be for the painter. Painter should only need to but a skim coat of bondo and sand a lot of it off. Heck if your a true master of metal working, painter would only need some coats of primer then off to color paint. If I welded better from the get
  15. Looking really good. For sure will be hard to know where you did any work on the car after its all painted, which I guess is the whole point
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