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  1. SOLD pending pick up and other details. Cheers and best wishes, Aaron
  2. Hi everyone, I added a short YouTube video. Here's the link:
  3. Hello everyone!! I'm listing my 70 240Z for sale. Here's the link to the Classic Z Car Club classified listing. http://www.classiczcars.com/classifieds/item/58-selling-my-1970-datsun-240z/ Cheers and thanks very much. Aaron
  4. Thanks very much, good to know the important extra install info Lowell. Best wishes, Aaron
  5. Cool video mike, Thanks for posting. I have two 1985 suby wagons, great cars. Aaron
  6. Hi Lowell, Does that 1989 honda blower fit where the z car blower fits? I am thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks for any tips you might have about the process. Aaron near San Diego
  7. Sometimes you ask...can he be trusted? Yes, I wanted other club members to know that I purchased several parts from 9teen7t240z (He is in Arizona) recently. Very straight forward guy, we met through Datsun Classifieds.com site. Reasonable prices and the items were exactly as described and he shipped them very carefully packaged. I received them today. I thought others might want to know as he and I are new to this club and he is offering items for sale. Thanks again 9teen7t240z, pleasure buying from you. Good luck with your finishing touches on the Z. moderators please move this commen
  8. Jim, nice work on your Z, looks very nice and I like that heat/ sound insulation on top of the prep work. Thanks for sharing the photos. Chachacourt, can you post pictures as you do more on the car? looking good! Thanks
  9. Thanks for the input, my responses seem to disappear and my typing is slow. . thanks LeonV, Jim, and Decoy12! nice input and diagrams. My 1970 240z seats are great except for the lower "seat" part of the driver's seat. I was considering buying the 280 seats, but would much rather get the lower half of a 69,70,or 71 seat. This way the age, materials, etc would "match" what is there in the car. I like the vintage appeal rather than reupholstering them both. If anyone has or knows of someone who has a lower half or just the cover in good shape let me know. Also, mine are black. Thanks agai
  10. , never mind, thanks anyways, useless post. sorry
  11. Any help, anyone home? Thanks, Aaron
  12. Nice work, did you also paint it? looks perfect. Thanks for showing. Aaron
  13. Can someone tell me differences, or lack there of, between series 1 240z seats and 1977 280z seats? Thanks! Aaron
  14. Hi, nice thread. I've had my 70 240z since about 1987, and everything, bushings, suspension, struts, tie rods, is original stock. I was thinking about this same type of job and would like feedback. On ebay there is a "DATSUN 240Z - TOTAL Polyurethane Bushing Kit - BLACK" kit listed. $180 with $25 shipping item #360203153676. It's from a z parts supplier in modesto, CA. Is this kit a good idea? Polyurethane vs. OEM rubber vs. Urethane? What about those suspension kits from Arizona Z Car, would they come with the bushings and no need to powder coat or paint because their replacing those pa
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