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  1. that is way i like my 72 sorry for being a smart a**
  2. a wile back wen i got my 240z i had a a **** lode of problems so i got read of my weber's and i put a holly 390 4bbl cfm on my z and i got a az 4bbl intake for it and now i got about 16 to 19 gal to the mile but now i have a 2.6 in it now and i love it ... but any ways wen i had them on there i got bout 3 maybe 4 gal to the mil then i used seafome it helpt me out a lot it unjam'd my carbs Cline them out and the fuel system out to and after that i got bout i think it was bout 9 to 11 gal to the mi then i put the seafome in my oil crank case then i ran that in my oil for 200 mi then i changed
  3. i know this not my form but do you think one of you can send me a few pic's of an engine bay with no of the smog stuff on it a few of the left right front and one of the side with the air cleaner off so i can see if every thing is hook t up right maybe that is the reason way i am not getting power to my z think you i tryed to look on Google but i can not find any good clear photos on there think you all jeremy
  4. okay new one for me so my z will not go faster then 80 ml an hr i don't know what i might have dun so can you all help me by throwing me some of your thoughts?? and what i can do?? think you Jeremy
  5. yes i have and Natural selection yes i am so buck off you arse and think you all for your help i finally got it to run i just got mad at it and hit disturber with a screw drier and the z started right on up so again think you all for your help .....
  6. ok so i check t all of those wires they are all good ' i toke off the wire harness raping tape all of that is good 'i need to re ripe it anyway's ' there are no kinks split's or barn't wires either' so i detach-et the positive wire to the ballast resistor and tapt it on my tongue to see it there was currant going threw it and there is so i now don't know what els to do
  7. so i did all of that and nothing . and just replast the ballast resistor ...what els can i do ??
  8. i have a 1972 240 z with a 2.6 and a five speed trans in it okay i hope you all can help me so i had the moter running i just did the tune up ie 'spark plugs cap rotter coil weirs full filter air filter' .. everything was running smooth then i put it in reverse got out to the street then i put it in to first them it just died on me .. i have fuel going to the carb's and all but i don't know what hack happened to the z ....... is there a relay fuse or something that i might have blown or something that i am missing can you all let me know what you all might think it is?????..... think you
  9. ill try to post a video my phone broke the outher day so ill have to find my camera.. ok update so had the car running today wen i left for lunch my friend decided tweak with the carbs. and wen i came back lunch the car did not run at all i just found out that he that he tightend the float and air flow all the way down now i cant get the darn z started can some one tell me what the specks are and how to adjust them so factory spec's?? or seend me a video of how to do it i can not find one on u tube or nowhere else think you all
  10. is thar any body in nor cal (san jose) area that will tune twin Hitachi su's carbs for cheep i just lost my job but i need this dune ca any body help?
  11. No the tachometer stays at about 1.900-2,000 r.p.m's
  12. Just recently got into a 240z '72. 280 motor installed, but original '72 3 screw round top SUs. Drove it for a bit to find that it was well tuned to be at high idle. I believe this is to have the ol' girl stay running. I then had to ring a friend to grab me, as I was on the side of the road!! All this to say that, I rebuilt the SUs brought them back to spec and reinstalled( cleanest part in the engine bay ) got her running at high idle, but have a loud slapping noise coming from the front SU! was thinking that it might the mixture but no matter what I do it still there!! any suggestions
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