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    GTX room lamp

    still got Gt lenses?
  2. only the newer watas have/had stickers. older style are either cast in with the size or stamp punched in
  3. 14's . you got a set of 4? if not I'm getting some 6 or 6.5s and getting tyres fitted to them and shipping them over and selling the rims only if you after some more.
  4. drive it first I say, enjoy it for what it is.
  5. lucky for you I didn't send them your way
  6. 1000yen job of yahoo. cleaned the over spray off and gave it a scrub, pretty good score I think
  7. arh, just found it. cheers
  8. I remember people having problems with taco's when something was changed but cant remember what haha. Bottom one the early one adam?
  9. was a spare cluster, my original one has the needles missing so I will do the same deal with that with another spare cluster and salvage parts. I remember reading about early/late speedos but I cant remember what the reference was towards it.
  10. sold for 600ish on ebay and reserve wasn't meet
  11. just re read your earlier post and I understand now
  12. did you pull every part off the horns?
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