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  1. its on tdc its not 180 out ive got spark and fuel all timing gear is new yes ive built l series engine,s in the past but not with a bigger cam.the car was just turning over when it did fire it back fired thou the exhaust and flamage out the carb
  2. hi guys ive just rebuilt my l28 and i have put a performance camshaft in it my qestion is how much will this change my timing i cant seem to get it to start and its seem to be a timing issue .all timing gear has been set to factory settings
  3. na sorry its a 74 grind .il post specs when it gets here
  4. i went a wade street/race grind the tech guy said that i had to change lash pads and springs with this cam
  5. ha ha yea i spoke to a tech guy at wades cams today ive ordered a cam lash pads and springs wades have a good rep her in aus with datsun camshafts so im going with them.thanks chashttp://www.datsport.com/racer-brown.html
  6. ok i down loaded it and it all good.i installed the pistons and bearings a few days back since then ive come across conflicting tension setting for the conrods .but this down load has matched what ive got in my manual .44 /54 nm conrod and the same for the mains .i started second guessing my self when i cam acroos the other figures .thanks chase
  7. hey guys im have a bit of trouble with finding the right tension setting for the conrods.ive got 1 book telling me that the l28 main and conrod tensions are the same and another saying that the conrod is lower in tenision.has anyone got the correct specs.its a f54 block.cheers
  8. sorry yea its gots a 350 holly at the moment but will be going triples
  9. ok guys ive rebuilt the bottom end 4 thou over its a f54 block with a n42 head i had read in some forums not to go to big with these engines and other people say the bigger the better ?
  10. hi guys im chasing a mild cam for my l28 dose anyone no weather u can still get billet cam shafts or do u have to get the standard one ground .im looking on the net and not getting much info.id rather not have to change lash pads etc.any info would be great
  11. hey guys im over my l28 in my coupe and want to put a rb30 in it has anyone done this and if so any info will be great i no the l series gbox will bolt up do i have to modifie the engine mounts and what else .cheers
  12. pretty standard chas .f54 block n42 head the block is stock lighten fly wheel port matched head to the headers mild cam .carbs i haven't sourced as yet and im not sure on what to put on it .it wont be fast but will be a good cruiser
  13. l28 in and close to being finished .the coupe Nealy on the road again .it will be great to drive a 240k again.
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