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  1. A great story. I can relate to Frank. I bought my Z in September 1970, in St. Louis. I still have it, and it will be 50 years old next year. I was 22 then, so you know how old I am now. My z still runs, and drives, but needs lots of work. Reading your story brings back many memories of fun trips I had in my Z. My first born, was almost born in the car, barley made it to the hospital. Thanks
  2. flynjim

    My Z HLS30-08877

    Moterman - It is the original paint. I saw your photo's yesterday and sent you a comment, I probably didn't do it right, still learning this site. I commented on how beautiful your Z looked. It looks new in every aspect, interior, original wheels, engine, everything. I bought mine new in Sept 70 and still have it - although I sold it once and it was adrift for 10 years (1990 - 2000). When I purchased it back, I didn't know at first that it way my original Z, but saw some familiar scratches I had made that were still there. Mine looks pretty good, runs good, and the body is in pretty good shape, but it needs lots of work - shocks, tires, brakes, clutch, interior work, etc, etc. I doubt that I'll ever get mine to look as good as yours, but I have a good base to start - only lots time and lots of $$. Great Job you have done, it looks like new Jim
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