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  1. T-stone

    What is my L28 Worth

    Im looking to sell an l28 never been molested low miles 100k has an n47 head, five speed transmission, fuel injection and all dressings still atatched. Any ideas on what its worth, or realistically what can i get out of it?
  2. T-stone

    Rear control arm bolt size

    Thanks guys, thats what i was looking for the bolt wasent listed in black dragon catalog.
  3. T-stone

    Rear control arm bolt size

    I was browsing under my car and noticed one of the rear control arm bolts was missing, looked on google and here trying to find the dimenstions of the bolt but couldent find it. does any one know the specs?
  4. T-stone

    Cam Timing

    The only notch for the sprocket is on the clip that holds the cam in place, the v in the sprocket is alighned with the notch on the clip.
  5. T-stone

    Cam Timing

    advance is already set a little high, and if its set any higher it will fight itself on top end. i have the timing set decent, carbs are qualized and mixture set slight rich.
  6. T-stone

    Cam Timing

    I want to play with my cam timing, seems to be off a little. When i built the l28 i set the cam sprocket on number 2, it seemed to not want to idle right and spit out the carbs while under load. i set the sprocket back to number 1, idle was much smoother and felt more reliable, it still spits through the carbs under load every now and again, mainly while cold and going up hill in high gear. i have a mild cam, need a new timing chain and adjustable sprocket but dont have the money right now. does any one know if i mite should adjust it differently, it seems as though something is just not right with it. tdc on number one both valves closed exhaust is at 11 oclock and intake at 2 oclock also i never did get new lash pads and rocker arms, how much could that affect proformance and timing?
  7. T-stone

    Piston rings

    not talking about reusing, just seeing if they were bad or not. twist the ring 180 degree, obviously there is no sense in reusing.
  8. T-stone

    really bad knocking/ticking

    i decided to build and l28 that had a spun main bearing, tore the engine down and found that the number five main was spun and fused to the crank. decided to swap an l24 crank in. built the engine and got it to fire today, the timing was off and had some bad backfire. set the timing and let it idle, sounded good at idle speed. when i whent to give it some gas, at around 3rpm it started to knock really bad. sounded like a rocker. i took the valve cover off and set the lash. still dint fix the problem, i did notice that the timing chain was very tight, and was showing shining on the out side of the chain. when i was turning the cam to adjust lash the cam would have some play on a compression stroke, it would make a taping sound if the crank was jolted.
  9. T-stone

    Piston rings

    I have heard that if you twist a piston ring you can tell if it is bad. cant remimber if it was supposed to bend or break.. any ideas?
  10. T-stone

    Broken Head Bolt

    I used a flux cord mig welder,placed two wet rags over the cylinders and around the block. Kinda trick but was able to do it. Was able to build the block with no ferther problems
  11. T-stone

    Broken Head Bolt

    ok, welded a washer to the stud, then welded the nut on the washer welded around the washer fusing the washer and nut together. then welded inside the nut filling it. crossed my fingers and turned the stud out. Thanks for all the help, wouldent have thought of welding a nut on the stud.
  12. T-stone

    Broken Head Bolt

    Im going to try welding a nut to the bolt and turn it out, i am an experionsed welder so this seems the easiest bet for me. will keep posted on everything
  13. T-stone

    Broken Head Bolt

    i have only tried the eas out, i am quite limited here at the house. tried redrilling but the metal on the eas is alot tougher than the bolt, would a drill press work better, or should i forgo the eas out?
  14. T-stone

    Broken Head Bolt

    decided to swap my l24 to an l28, got an engine from a buddy. taking the head off i snaped the number two head bolt, i drilled a hole in it and hammered an easy out down the hole, whent to wrench it off and broke the eas out. im wondering if i could get away with a broken bolt and not have any leaks, probly unlikely. also how much would it cost to get a shop to extract the bolt?
  15. T-stone

    Not much power

    I did not opent the threttle while doing the compression test, dint even cross my mind to do that. I will run test as recomended tomorrow and update. Im a little iffy on the cam timing, i am running the stock cam gear, numbers on the gear run from 1-3 i have mine set on 2. i have heard that each mark advances or retards by about 4 degrees, im not sure if i have mine set to how it should. i looked up videos and pictures to try and find the correct way to set, even the old service manual was mum on this.

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