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  1. hi Olzed...you might want to check with the administrator first, to see if the link adheres to the rules...but posting a link is as simple as highlighting the URL (web address) e.g. http://www.classiczcars.com, copying it, then pasting into your post.
  2. Thanks guys...very helpful info...maybe just running power and return wires will do. I'll keep checking back for updates... Safe Journeys!
  3. Greetings from ccccccold Ontario, Canada. My newly purchased 1983 280ZX 2+2, has front seats installed from a 1986 300zx, but not hooked up electrically. can anyone tell me how to hook the seats up? Is there a factory wiring harness already there?- and will it accept the harness from the 86' 300? I'm curious because if there was, why didn't the previous owner just connect the wires? Thanks in advance. TeeZee
  4. Thanks el-Prezident and Casey I've been turned on to Whitehead Performance, they seem to be the go-to guys for service. I would like your opinion on a 1970 Z. I have an opportunity to buy this car. What advice can you give-re: what to look for, etc. There are more 80's Z's for sale, and I'm am not counting these out either. Does anyone know of any others for sale? Thanks, Chris
  5. Greetings from ccccold snowy Ontario, Canada! I'm a classic car guy who is now interested in purchasing a Z car. I'm selling my 1973 Buick Riviera ( see kijiji ontario) and looking for any Z car ( 1970-1983) Is there any Z guys in Ontario with a car to sell? Somewhere around $5000 ( or less)...I've gained a wealth of knowledge already from this great site, and looking forward to sharing my adventures in Z. Thanks Chris
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