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  1. If you are using the stock solid non-vented rotor, it looks to be the correct caliper. If you are going with new vented rotors, you need the "W" version of the toyota calipers. W = wide. You just need to finesse the hard line to the new calipers brake line location. Make sure the bleeders are at the top when mounted. One caliper is left, the other right.
  2. Love that diamond vinyl! Looks great! Where did you find that? Your floor does not look too bad. Seen much worse. I think you will be ok with welding in new metal patches. Just make certain to get all the rust.
  3. All the components were replaced with oem at that time. Including the evaporator. Over the years, the compressor developed a seal leak (had to recharge once a year) which motivated me to upgrade to the Sandon and new air dryer of course.
  4. Is the Y pipe at the top of your picture a piece that came with and is part of your non Zstory headers? I don't see the v band flange, so it must be. I assumed you received that piece from Zstory as part of the exhaust line shipment, but if not, looks like it only comes with the headers. This is why I suggested 2 of the increasers to go one Y end at the headers...
  5. On the passenger side of the block, can you see if the oil pressure sender has 2 wires or just one...
  6. Put them at the header, not downstream. I did that with the stock manifold until he gets the 280 downpipe available. My car can't tell the difference... lol
  7. 2 of ...... https://www.amazon.com/EVIL-ENERGY-Universal-Connector-Stainless/dp/B087Q6H6RG/ref=psdc_15727001_t2_B07GD8JC67?th=1
  8. You can fix 4 & 5 when you redo the interior and seats. #6, have her wear dark sunglasses. #8, a console armrest with cupholders. And 7 & 9, only offer her a ride when she is getting over a cold. The rest, you're on your own ...
  9. Think about 16 x 7 with 205 55 16 tires. Many more tire choices with the 16" dia wheels. Without going to coilovers and rolling fender lips, you will run into rubbing going wider on the front. You can do some research on HybridZ ro see whats involved to go go wider and staggered fitments.
  10. A pretty good new timeline of the Z car. Some interesting footage & pictures.
  11. Yes, there is a fuel tank drain on all the S30's. I would definitely use it.
  12. An impressive looking car, thanks for posting. Even has the correct battery terminalIs and clamps. Is the paint mostly original? Consider bringing it to Zcon next year...
  13. This is the correct oil pressure sender for your car John .... The later sender, Nissan changed the fuel pump safety cutoff from the afm contacts to detect loss of oil pressure and disable the pump.
  14. Charles & Cody would give the Dutch a run for their money....
  15. The heat shield can go in later, just before the driveshaft is put back in. I think you only need that shield if the catalytic converter is in the exhaust system. Could be wrong ....
  16. It is important to protect the cable. I would add your leftover wrap to it. Your car is coming together great!
  17. FYI, I installed a Fidenza flywheel a few months ago and had the same issue with the dowel pins. One of the 3 fit properly, the two others were .002 bigger, the length was correct. Had to machine the dowels to fit the flywheel pin holes. The flywheel holes were correct, the pins were the problem.
  18. They were talking about the "Proto Spec" edition of only 240 cars. Likely only available only in the lkuzachi yellow of the prototype and with features and interior treatment not available in the sport & performance trims.
  19. Very nice car and welcome! If your picture is fairly accurate, it looks it has had a respray at some time with a color change to red. Cliff's picture is close, hard to take a good pic in direct sun, best to do a dusk with the softer light. Take a look under the carpet in the hatch area and see if you can see the persimmon color...
  20. Thank you! A quick rough measurement shows about 2 1/2 inches of clearance to the frame rail. I originally tried to clock the compressor fillings 90 degrees toward the frame rail, but the bigger discharge fitting was just too close to the rail for comfort. In other A/C related news, I recently completed about 1700 miles of driving to Zcon & back with the A/C system running and it performed flawlessly. Very happy about that, and even with the A/C running some of the trip, I managed around 29 mpg on the fuel. (Had to drive behind Zup's silver 240 some of the time so he wouldn't see my sweater & gloves on.)
  21. Doesn't look too bad John, hit it with some various size stiff or wire brushes with some cleaner best you can, prime & paint. I have no issues there, so easy for me to say, but I understand its a fiddley area to tackle and make it right ...
  22. I would be interested in what you did with the servo motor conversion Bruce. Took a quick look, but could not find it. How long ago did you do that project?
  23. To verify the new alternator is not charging the battery, measure the voltage across the battery with the ignition off, then measure the alternator output terminal with the car running, maybe 1000 rpm. If they measure the same, the alternator is not providing a charge and the problem is likely a bad rebuilt / new alternator or as SteveJ has mentioned, the external regulator. If the alternator is working, you should see somewhere near 14v on the second measurement.
  24. I believe he is looking for lowering springs with a 1 1/2 to 2" drop. Like my stance.
  25. They should have has the two Hooters girls that were at the show do the reveal. One on the fender, the other on the roof. Could have recreated the fall 69 240z dent at the hotel launch.
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