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    Just wanted to share some photos of my Z over the years...
    This photo is just after I bought and rebuilt the engine.  I drove it around through college.  At the time, I purchased the car from a family friend who was storing the car in his garage.  Purchased for $500 with a frozen engine block, bad head gasket, and seized brakes.

    After a few years, and the first split with my ex, I decided to 'man-up' and start taking the car apart.  I spent the next several years sand blasting, with a gravity feed blaster, and disassembled the entire car.  I then took her to a body shop of a guy in Corvallis, Oregon.  he did the unibody work and painted the inside.  The drive-train and brakes were installed so I could push it around in the garage.

    Soon thereafter, I re-united with my ex and we moved to a place in Albany, Oregon where I managed to get some more work done and the car painted.

    My Z then sat in this state for 4-5 years, neglected in the garage while I went through some even more challenging "life" situations (new house, final divorce, etc, etc)
    At one point, I ran into Steve Epperly from Ztherapy at a club outing.  After hearing my story, he brought about 6 guys to my house and proceeded to take my car to his shop for restoration.  This process took about a year.

    Until finally one day, he called me over and said, "Your car is running, do you want to see it?"

    We fumbled around with the car for another few months until Steve went to the Portland Roadster show and showed off the project for all to see.

    I then took delivery of my baby and drove her around to various different events and functions.

    I must say, without the support and encouragement of the Z community, this project never would have happened.  Our cars may follow us through a lifetime, but, its always rewarding to sit back and appreciate the accomplishments.  Sometimes I just go sit in my Z and stare at all the wonderful parts surrounding me.  Thank you to everyone for all the support over the years, I wouldn't be here without you.

  2. Mike
    Greetings and welcome to the Classic Zcar Club BLOG area. We have set aside this area for members who wish to host their own private Z-blog. The idea is this area will be to write articles, show build-updates, and other items related to your own projects. Think of a blog as a "journal" of your adventure. While the blog can be used to create discussions, we encourage everyone to post 2-way conversations in our Forums.
    Enjoy your own personal blog and please feel free to jump up onto your own personal soap-box and share. It's a way for you to express your opinions and ideas about your Z. I'm sure there are others who will enjoy your technical write-ups and progress photos...
    -- Mike
    PS: We will be cleaning out simple questions and non-blog-related items.
  3. Mike
    This is an entry from my old journal before turning off that module.
    My Z
    Created this as a backup to my for sale ad, removed when I finished the project.
    The bad thing about having a "new" restoration like this is the old parts. It's soo hard to put an old part next to a new part. While I have all of the old stuff around, there are things that you'll want to replace with new or rebuilt. The two engines should be rebuilt. While I took out the operational L24 and set it aside, it was nearly 10 years ago. The L28 head is off and I pulled it apart in preparation for rebuild. The lower half is fine, but, it's a question of "should I rebuild the whole thing while I have it this far??" kind of thing...
    The drive train is all there. I'd replace the U-joints and the fluids in the tranny and diff. The backside of the car is completely new suspension, cross arms, bushings, etc.
    The interior parts are all there (two sets of seats, new dash, all wiring, guages, and vinyl coverings. I suggest replacing the vinyl coverings with new ones. I don't have the carpet anymore, so, that will need to be replaced. I do have all of the plastics. There may be a piece here and there you'll want to replace due to cracking. Or, I'd just get new plastics. The plastic is something you can also do anytime and the existing stuff isn't in THAT bad of shape.
    I have all the glass except for the front windshield. The existing door glass was cleaned up extensively and I have all of the door hardware including many new pieces from MSA or Classic Datsun.
    I'm throwing in the EFI system (no tank though) and the side-draft SU's. I will be selling my triple Mikuni's separately.
    Here's another update:
    I was actually looking over the car this afternoon and can say that only emblems holes
    that were filled are on the hatch. The holes on the side of the fenders are ready for
    emblems! Just thought I'd give you my observation.
    The front end of the car still needs to be painted and finished (headlight buckets and
    bottom valance). I held off on this because my existing buckets were plastic and the bolts
    rusted and broke when I disassembled the car. I've been holding out for the plastic headlight
    buckets, but, managed to pick up a set of metal ones. I do have the original plastic units
    and they could be re-tapped and used again (for someone with patience). I was also trying
    to decide if I should go with an original g-nose kit or not. I do have some contacts in China
    and this kit can be sent to me for around $1,500. My other consideration was a replacement
    valance from an aftermarket company but I never found something I could live with. Anyway,
    point is......... some work will need to be done to complete the front.
    I have paid in advance for the front paint work at a local shop and they simply need the parts
    to complete the paint and assembly. It's been about 3-4 years since they did the work I will
    need to make sure they still remember the 'deal.' Fortunately I know the owner so it won't be
    that big of a deal.
    The engines I have here are not stock and the numbers don't match. One of them is a L24 and
    the other is an L28. I was thinking about doing the ATK engine exchange for the L28. I do
    have two E88 heads. I also have 6-1 headers.
    Here's a "to-do list" of things I compiled over the years:
    - Headlight buckets (replace?)
    - Front valance
    - Rear light surrounds
    - Wiper motor & arms (need to clean up)
    - Bumpers
    - 1/4 Windows
    - Door Windows
    - Front glass (need to buy)
    - Rear glass (replace?)
    - New headlight assemblies (need to purchase)
    - Marker lights (clean up)
    - Rear tail lights (clean up or replace with euro)
    - Front flashers (clean up)
    Engine Compartment:
    - Wiring harness (clean up)
    - Fluid tubing (install one return-vent tube - have this already)
    - Hood latch (may want a new one)
    - Front swaybar (new one already purchased from MSA)
    - Rear swaybar (new one already purchased from MSA)
    - Dash (install guages and new dash from Les)
    - Dash wiring harness (clean up and install)
    - Rear wiring harness (clean up and install)
    - Seats (two sets - one vinyl, one custom interior)
    - Sound deadener (done, may want more in back)
    - Carpet (need to purchase a kit)
    - Vinyl trim (replace with new is best)
    - Plastic trim (clean up or replace)
    - Headliner (need to purchase)
    - Door assemblies (need to clean up and install)
    - Hatch assembly (need to clean up and install)
    - Firewall insulation (need to buy from Nissan)
    - Engine (need to rebuild)
    - Differential (change fluids and install)
    - Transmission (change fluids and install - May want 5-speed?)
    - Rear drums (possibly convert to calipers)
    - Front calipers (want to convert to Toyota)
    - Flush all hydraulic lines
    Clutch System:
    - Slave cylinder examine (was new in 98)
    - Drain and flush
    To do:
    - Order sound deadener & install (done)
    - Order dash or cap (done)
    - Order door seals (done, but, may want newer updated versions)
    - Order window seals (done, but, may want newer updated versions)
    - Obtain new wiring harness or clean up old one
    - Disassemble old dash
    - Reassemble new dash
    - Order rear tail-light seals
    - Install heater and controls
    - Install wiring
    - Order and install vinyl kit
    - Order and install carpet kit
    - Order rebuilt engine
    To be continued...............