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  1. See my signature line for my tire/wheel combination. But, asking a question like this can really be a hard one to answer. For example, when a skinny bigger wheel will fit a car, the wider bigger wheel might not fit at all. This is all due to the offset of the center mounting position. The 7" wide Panasport might fit. But, you'll have to ask someone that owns a set. Anyone? What sort of center-offset do the Panasports use? My wheels are fairly wide (about 9") and very deep, so, I had to stick to 15"...
  2. Ya, I noticed that people are constantly missing each other in the chat room. I need to write something that shows who is in the chat room when you log-in. This will take a little time. But, in the meantime, just check the chatroom every now and then and see if there's anyone to talk to! Another idea, we can use the shoutbox feature to announce when you want to chat.... [m]
  3. Here's a sample showing proper operation of the chat room.
  4. Does the Chat Room work when you select it from the Main menu? If not, please tell us what sort of error you are getting by replying to this poll.
  5. Do you like and would you use the Automotive news feed located in the bottom right side of our home page? It's packed full of up to date real-time information from the wire.
  6. Or, where the hell did you come from? Geeze, you're good. I did that one time and I think it was more like a compliment. He grinned and said, "I have my hiding spots"....
  7. Mike


    Very nice rig. That thing looks like a perfect stock Z. Was it part of the restoration project, did you do the work, or is it just been taken care-of its whole life?
  8. Some people have been reporting SQL errors. Please let me know what you see....
  9. So, you wanna talk to someone about that Z? Set up a chat session. We've got three rooms at the moment. They are: Living Room, Garage, & Track. If you want to add more rooms, just let me know and I'll put them in. For the meantime, just take a look at the mod and let me know what you think. Only registered users can use the chat room. Guests who aren't logged in (registered as a member) will only see a blank page asking them to register... It's still technically in beta, so, don't expect it to be perfect. If you see a bug, please send me a private message and let me know where it is. Have a good time! [m]
  10. 24OZ, let me know if you're still having troubles. Because I remember setting a limit of 640x480 in attachments. But, I removed that restriction after getting a lot of complaints. The Attach file option *IS* easy.... I just had a setting changed...
  11. Sorry, I forgot. Here it is. Size 150x120
  12. Not sure yet. I'm trying to come up with a good solution. Most of the really good packages cost money. But, there are some other good free packages I need to evaluate.
  13. Ya, I'd like to see your new bumper when you get done! Please post pictss!!!
  14. [ Administrator Update ] For technical types: - I upgraded PHP, Apache, and MySQL - Our PHP bulletin software was updated. - Our Portal software was upgraded. For non-technical types: - I updated some software on the server. All in all, it went smoothly. Too smoothly!! I am a little worried that I missed something along the way. If you've never built binaries and compiled code, don't even ask. Anyway, if any of you see problems on the site, please notify me via email (or private messaging). Other than that, enjoy. I've done a little testing of the site and it looks good. PS: Good news about this upgrade... I can use the chat software that I've been looking for!!
  15. Dale, your comment just made me realize that there is another option (besides money) that our vendors can provide something for using the club! I am considering the financial viability of either sponsors or classic advertisements designed to fit our club. But, for those vendors who cannot provide support in that manner there is another alternative! The other alternative is to provide the club with equal expertise, articles, answers, and comments to the needs of the members. If a vendor wishes to use the club to benefit their own venture, they should participate in our community and provide information that will benefit the club. Now, I can see how something like this could go a little overboard when each vendor uses every message to promote their own products. But, I think that is something easily solved by a few simple rules. I like it! Thanks for the inspiration!
  16. Hey guys... I set up a requirement that pictures must be smaller than 640x480 in resolution. It sounds like that isn't working right. I'm going to disable that right now. Try to post your picts again. UPDATE: Okay, this is done. Post your picts. Do a little test for me to confirm that this works now... thanks.
  17. I've got a question maybe someone can answer. Why the hell are Panasports so expensive? Do they use a higher quality alloy similar to the Centerlines? I understand that the Centerline rims are stronger, better built, better balanced, and set up for high-speed and high-strength applications. Are the Panasports used for racing or what's the deal? Or, are they a custom wheel built by hand by street vendors ?
  18. One thing, I can REASSURE you that we will never have a pop-up ad, or any junk mail. NOTHING will ever be sold or used in a manner like that. If we go for banners, they will be limited to static graphics and must match the overall appeal of the site. I don't want something standing out like a sore thumb. Thanks for the opinion and I totally agree with your view. [m]
  19. Those look great!! Part carb and part fuel injection?
  20. Hi all, I've been pondering something for a few days now and figured I could use some opinions. :tapemouth The Internet 240z Club has come a long way since we first started with just a mailing list. And, we have become more popular with many Z fanatics who are Internet savvy. We now have a membership base of nearly 900 members and a very reachable community through the forums and our mailing list. The ideas I've been pondering are related to re-cooping costs associated with running a substantial server and internet connection. The time aspect isn't able to be tracked, but, I'm doing these things out of my love for the car and the hobby. One thing I believe in is the free exchange of information between users and even vendors. If you have a product to sell, we are more than happy to allow the free exchange of the community in order to sell a product. I don't want this to change. For instance, many of the Zcar community vendors are members of this list and also our mailing list. When I say vendor, I am speaking about people who provide parts, services, devices, additions, help, and other Zcar type items for a fee. Now, like I was saying earlier, I don't want the free exchange of these services to stop. However, I do think that we can set up a MORE equal exchange of benefits. What do I mean? Well, have you ever been reading a forum or an email message from another member and see another message from someone advertising either their site or their services for hire? THAT is exactly what I am speaking about. We are a large community who share one thing in common. We are a 'targeted audience' which is a perfect opportunity to sell a product. So, what am I talking about? Well, I don't really know how I want to do this. But, I would like to put together some kind of program so that the vendors using our community can help the community survive. How can they do that? I don't know. The easy answer is money. But, I don't want to jump to that conclusion just yet. While I don't want to become a police officer and say, "Hey, you can't advertise your product here because you haven't purchased a banner ad!!" --- That's just something I don't want to do. But, there has got to be a good way for all of us to share the information and provide services all around. Do any of you have ideas about this? I am working on an advertising revenue system for the board at the current time. So, anyone supporting the club will get gread bonuses. Maybe this is the best approach. I don't know yet. Just remember, I am not against the free exchange of information. My belief is to provide a community that will benefit the Z and the hobby of owning a Z. Period. ( We just have a few costs to take care of ) Sure, I'd love to find a company to sponsor the site and pay for all our expenses. Did someone already volunteer? There it is. Let me know what you think. [m] PS: I have been supporting the club from day 1 with my own time and money. I plan to continue to do so. Nothing will change. The board isn't in trouble. In fact, we are doing better than ever since we added the 'interactive' part of the site. I'm just hoping to lower my expenses a little.....
  21. What is $30,000 AUS in US dollars? Isn't it about $15,000... or close to that anyway.
  22. Ah, okay... I've seen that one. I didn't realize it was this one... Thanks!
  23. What do you mean? You are online right now and so am I! I work every day with Australians. Our time overlap this time of year is great! My 2pm is your 9am (next day). If we had a chat room at this moment, we could jump in there, chat for a few minutes, and be on with it... Only bad overlap with us (West Coast USA, anyway) is the UK.
  24. bigmac, How about showing us some picts man? I want to see this beast! [m]