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  1. jcb

    77 280z

    Thanks to all who replied JCB
  2. jcb

    77 280z

    My 77280z starts and runs good(for awhile). It dies and will not start until it cools. I think it is the ignition module, just wanting to get confirmation from anyone who has had similar problems. Thanks JCB
  3. I'm interested in your car. Please let me know when you have put a final price on the car, Thanks. John
  4. I have a 77 /280z forsale in Amarillo', I intended to restore this car but heatl and age has caught up to me. I'm asking $4700 OBS offer. I put it on ebay bur go no firm bids. Car has very little rust , bottom of fenders and frame rails. floor boards are solid and spare tire area is perfect condition with spare, jack,tools and air bottle never removed. Send email for pictures.
  5. jcb

    280Z for sale

    Sale never went through.I am asking $5500 for the red 1977 car I just listed. I have a lot of pictures if interested.Please send an email address and I will send them to you. PRICE DROP......$4900 OBO
  6. jcb

    280Z for sale

    Great project car. 102,000 miles documented. Very little rust. Good interior. Starts and run and drives great. Comes with a full dash cap and zexon air dam neither installed. I hate to sell
  7. jcb

    Parting Out 1976 280Z

    do you know if the A/C compressor is ok? If it is how much do you want for it? Also how much for the dash? Thanks JCB
  8. jcb

    77 280Z TACHOMETER

    I am needing a working tachometer for a 77 280z . If you have one please let me know,
  9. I'm in Amarillo, TX 79124 If you decide to sell it let me know what you want $ for it. Thanks, JCB
  10. Jay, I would be in the market for the air dam in the picture if you decide to sell it. Thanks, John
  11. RBC, do you wish to sell the tach and if so does it work. I am waiting for a reply from Zlll about the one he has for sale. Thanks, John
  12. The only question now is does the Tach work.
  13. Will the tachometer work in a 1977 280? If it will and works I will buy it.
  14. I want to throw this into this topic, please. I teplaced all the bushings on my last Z about 3 years ago with rubber. I find the only listing for rubber is z car source and the fukll kit is $ 325. My question is if this is the best way to go for a daily driver. Thanks, Not to hyjack thread this. Thanks again
  15. jcb


    esmit208, Thanks for the reply. I did get the tack to come out. It was stuck to the case , looked like something had been spilled or leaked and stuck to the back of the tach and the case. Anyway it came out in one piece. Thanks again.
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