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  1. By acting up I mean vacuum advance does not work, does not idle well until warmed up, runs poorly when driving, poor power, stumbles acts like a few cylinders are not firing. Can pull plug wires and nothing changes.
  2. My 260z distributor is acting up. I purchased a rebuilt unit but it has a 3 prong plug and the original distributor had a 2 prong. Does anyone know how to wire in the new plug? I need to alter the stock plug on the car to a 3 prong but need to know where they go.
  3. I am new to Z cars. my father in-law is rebuilding his original 74 260z and since i am the family mechanic I have been nominated to assist in the transformation. I will be on here quite frequently trying to gather info on making the car right again. The car has sat for far to long and needs a good amount of work starting with rotten floor boards, brakes, carbs, shocks, bushings. everything is original, I mean 35 years old original so it will need some work. I do not have any pictures as of yet but as we do the work i will post them. The intention is to have a solid daily driver not a sh
  4. I did some searching but not sure which avenue to persue. The brakes have been neglected for years, probably 10+ since last fluid change from the completely brown/black fluid that came out today. along with some particulate. The symptoms are that the pedal goes down about 3-4 inches without any reaction from the brakes, then it starts to brake during the last 2-3 inches of travel and will stop the car but you have to stand on the brakes. my calf actually hurt after driving for a few days to fix a carb problem. So should i look at the pushrod length and verify it is set correctly? do I ha
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