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  1. Does anyone know what to use for smoothing the surface of a soft plastic(It seems similar to high density polyethylene)? I'm trying to repair a bumper that mated with a rock(not the Z). I was able to smooth out the main wrinkles by heating with a blow dryer and bending it back, but there is some damage left that will have to be filled with something and sanded smooth. I realize that almost nothing sticks to plastic, especialy if it's polyethylene, but maybe there is a trick or two out there besides purchasing a new bumper. Thanks, Victor.
  2. tanny


    The US can definitely sympathize with Spain. Really, really sad. You're right about intolerance and ignorance. Actually one is a subset of the other, or they're one and the same. Unfortunately it seems to be human instinct to insist that others believe the way "We" do. Must be a desire to confirm our own weak beliefs and morals by forcing(or killing) others to our side of the argument. Comfort in numbers. Typically humans will widen the conflict that really is caused by just a few by disseminating b**l s**t that stereotypes the "enemy" as horribly evil so that men, women, and children can be butchered with a clear conscience. In the present conflict you can feel the undercurrent of absurd stereotypes being spread: Islam is a violent religion(so let's get rid of all muslims so we can feel "right"eous), America(and all those Christians!) is Satan personified so let's kill all those heathens, Jews are Christ killers so let's get rid of them, etc., etc., etc. We are amazingly clever at figuring out insane justifications for taking other people's lives. Sad commentary on the species, and it hasn't changed an iota since we've been writing down history. I think I'd better get some breakfast so that my mood improves. These soap boxes have that damn slippery soap all over them. Oops, fell off.
  3. There is one on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=33627&item=2466062915 If link doesn't work just look under "240z valve cover" on Ebay.
  4. If there's dust in there, then my engine bay must be a compost pile. That's clean! Victor.
  5. Saw an Audiovox window defroster grid kit on Ebay, but they only ship to US. I guess these kits are around. Check the internet or maybe your auto parts store can find something. Victor.
  6. Anyone have some good methods for taking off the plastic coating on some wheels before beginning the sanding and polishing process?
  7. When I rebuilt the engine a year ago I used a thick header gasket for my headers. Thanks, Victor.
  8. Reality's a bummer.:disappoin
  9. Zrush- should have challenged her to a race through the mountains, although mountains might be tough to find in Florida. Carl- No broken studs. ZmeFly- Hadn't thought of the suds on a cold engine trick. Good idea. I'll give that a try, but I'll have to take off the heat shield first. Thanks everyone. Victor.
  10. How can you distinguish between a valve train ticking noise and an exhaust leak ticking noise? Coming from rear of engine. Wasn't able to isolate with a stethoscope, my nose, or valve adjustment. Very clear ticking noise at at idle, not distinguishable at speed. Thanks, Victor.
  11. gunnerrob, Must be that new virus goin' round. The guy is sure to be a prick.(As in pin prick for the pun challenged or naughty word righteous)
  12. Rusty 1, How do US insurance companies operate? By breaking out the scalpel, excising your wallet, then declaring the operation a success but the patient went broke. Victor.
  13. Did you check out some auto parts stores for a generic replacement? In the US the larger stores have some that look like they would fit and look almost identical, but I've never tried so not sure. Victor.
  14. I did recently install this(the one in your original post) DIY system in my Z and it works fairly well(I still have the car, I think). Be sure to install the activation switch where it won't be accidently bumped, keep an extra magnet or two around the car. One problem I had was that if I DIDN'T activate the immobilizer and left the car sit for 4 or 5 days, it would drain the battery. The way the thing is wired causes the relay to be energized when the immobilizer is OFF, thereby using more energy when it is not armed. I have other things draining the battery, but this immobilizer definitely increased the rate of battery discharge, even though the current draw is small. Also, it may just be coincidence or my imagination, but I seemed to start getting more erratic readings on my tachometer after installation. I installed it to cut the connection between the coil and distributor and I have the 80 ZX distributor. Good luck, Victor. ps Of course as stated earlier, this system and any others will stop the casual joy rider, but only maybe slow down a pro. If they want it badly enough, they can winch it up into an enclosed truck. You'd have to glue the car to the asphalt to prevent that. Best thing is to have decent insurance, don't be too paranoid, and keep your fingers crossed.
  15. Sean, what are the specs for a "restricted" car? As for my old fart driving habits, my style hasn't really changed over the years. Never really was a risk taker. Got one ticket in my life(failed to remain stopped at a red light while arguing with my first wife. The cop was the car behind me at the light). Probably the biggest risk I ever take is inhaling the exhaust gases when I go for a ride in the Z with the window down. My sister was the drag racer of the family. I had fun being a passenger while she drag raced down Van Nuys Blvd. every Friday night in her new 64 Corvette. Guess I got my fill. Typical "Valley" kids. Victor.
  16. and a civet cat for good measure. If the 73 bumpers are in good shape, I sure wouldn't bother changing. I can't tell the difference from a distance. But then Im not very observant and am easy to please. Save the money for the good stuff like the engine.
  17. Really sorry about this Victor. Gets me so fired up I think I'll go buy a pinata, break out the baseball bat, and pretend the pinata is the car thief! Speaking of buying, if that 72 240 is a great deal, maybe you should buy it and then sell it for a profit if your own Z shows up. That way you're covered. Good luck, Victor.
  18. Women definitely don't like to hear that when they complain you're not romantic enough and never send them flowers.
  19. Interesting how poor driving ability is always ascribed to "other" people. We always tend to assume we are extremely capable and everyone else needs the training. I think as you get older(and have survived a wreck or two), you tend to become a little less cocky about your driving skills and become much more conservative in your driving habits. Unfortunately at some point you really do get too old and your skills and senses will eventually decline to an unacceptable level. At some point people should be required to pass vision and driving skills tests every year. Of course, at what age the testing should begin is open to debate. Those dottering blue hairs with inch thick glasses going 35 in a 65 zone can be just as dangerous as the drag racing 16 year olds.
  20. tanny


    About the only things I watch on the boob tube are sports, news, and nature documentaries. Everything else is pretty much excrutiatingly boring for me. But I'm glad that the younger generation doesn't follow in our footsteps. The most boring torture they can imagine is listening to Rick Nelson, the Beatles, Stones, and Mammas and Poppas, or watching reruns of All in the Family, the Rifleman, or Bonanza. It would be like me trying to get stoked on flapper music, the big band stuff, or Spanky and the Gang. Just not happening. Here's cheers to change, whether we like it or not. It makes life way more interesting and gives us old farts something to be pissed off about. Long live Felix the Cat and little Anthony and the Imperials! WOW man!, Right on, 23 skidoo!
  21. tanny


    Her sudden flooding of the airwaves must be for promotion of her upcoming book "The Private Lives of the Rich and Imbecilic". It couldn't be for her looks or intelligence.
  22. tanny


    What's a Paris Hilton? She needs to get off the airways and give me her money.
  23. tanny


    Poor Irwin, he was just trying to demonstrate how evolution works to weed out the pea brains. Pea brains? Uh oh. Though I'm afraid I would much rather Irwin's genes stayed in the pool instead of Jackson's if I had to choose. As for TV shows, I prefer to sit back and relax and watch reruns of Pee Wee Herman. Quite stimulating! Victor.
  24. Maybe an artichoke brain, but shrinking fast and becoming extinct, just like my giblets. Nature tries to be merciful as you become old by whipping some dementia on you to dim the memories of how great it felt to be young and healthy and to make you less aware of the tribulations of old age. Fortunately I have enough brain power left to remember to take my meds, eat, and go fishing! Victor.
  25. In Colorado we also have collector car plates but you have to pay for them every year(I forget how much, but more than I was willing to pay). You just kind of rent them, I guess. My wife and kids and the Z have Pioneer plates(family has to have lived in CO more than 100 years to qualify) for their cars. Victor.
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