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  1. Nah, you got it all wrong. This is the "Miss Laguna Lifeguard Pageant" and the guys are just looking at the next contestant running up the beach. See, you didn't have to get all worked up about these little rich dweebs being gay. Must be a pleasure to be rescued in Laguna though.
  2. Maybe a better way to state the question would be: is there a way to install a 4 wire tach into the original 3 wire system? Has anybody tried this? Thanks, Victor.
  3. Is there a way to convert a 4 wire tachometer to a three wire? My 73 240 has a 3 wire that is malfunctioning and I have a spare 4 wire that works. Supposedly the 3 wire is the more reliable one, but I want to try to use this spare. I looked through the threads but couldn't find anything on this. Thanks, Victor.
  4. Thanks. Been going through a separation and the move out took some time and plenty of money. Quite amicable but still a pain in the a**. So now I have some time to get back to being a smart(dumb?) a** and contributing absurd content to this site. Like this reply that has nothing to do with the thread. Sorry about that.
  5. If you're brand new to engines, just pay someone to tune it. New plugs, timing, maybe plug wires, etc. Keep all the lubricants and filters up to snuff. If you really want to get into the mechanics and aren't in a hurry, buy some repair manuals and maybe find someone close by that is knowledgable and can show you how to do some things. Lots of things to do to the engine to increase the horsepower, but it costs. Good luck. Victor.
  6. Not possible! Couldn't be any rust on a $900 240. I learned the hard way a long time ago that it is always best to go through your insurance company even if the damage appears to be minor. No matter how nice and honest the person who did the damage seems, when they see the outrageous prices the body shops charge they ALWAYS get pissed off and think you're trying to rip them. Then they try to figure out ways to back out of their bargain with you. The only drawback is that your insurance company will often raise your rates even if they don't pay out any money. Just the fact you were envolv
  7. A hidden benefit to purchasing that 4 wire set would be a 33% increase in gas mileage for the Z. Kind of like the cylinder cutout method for increasing gas mileage on some of the newer cars. Well worth the price.
  8. Rick, Handsome buck, aren't I? Not far from reality. Look a bit like a young Alfred E. Newman. It's a Mad world. :laugh: Wish I had the spare change to be able to make my 240 all original with $120 hoses, but I started with a 73 car that had a 71 block. No chance of matching numbers. Would have been fun to do a few shows. I'll have to settle for my hybrid and enjoy the ride. Victor.
  9. Explain that to the clerk at Fredericks! "Really! I am buying them for my car!"
  10. Job history timeline: Dishwasher-rowboat supervisor-beach bum-bodybuilder-musclehead gym instructor-carpenter-yacht salesman-trout hatchery superintendent-dishwasher(Full circle! Right on!) Now my job is navigating the vagaries of old age and slowing the ossification of both my joints and my brain. Unsuccessfull so far. :eek: :nervous:
  11. The push for using the metric system in the US was instigated by the large tool and fastener manufacturers. Tool sales had stagnated because everyone already had their SAE toolsets by 1970, so they figured we'd all have to buy new tools for the metric nuts and bolts, thereby stimulating sales. Had nothing to do with making measuring and figurin' easier. Just an evil plot by big business. Paranoia strikes deep. :paranoid: :classic:
  12. Well, wrong spot for this reply. Sorry.
  13. Yeah, I've seen many, many warnings about NOT using hollow blocks for jack stands. Apparently not wise. Victor.
  14. Man, I don't know how I didn't see that rear view mirror! Quite a contrast to the side mirrors. Look'n behind with Imax! You can go back in time with that baby. I think I might need one of those for my old worthless eyeballs. That's great! Victor.
  15. Craig, Grill looks a bit large, but I really like those vestigial mirrors. No worries about snagging pedestrians or bicylists with those.
  16. Hey 2-4-t-z-man, what happened to the 73 Z? Just because it has a couple of boat anchors doesn't automatically exclude it from the early Z club.
  17. It has always amazed me that 90% of the Zs that you see for sale have been both stored for twenty years(not 21 or 19 years) and were never driven outside of the no-rust states of California or Arizona(there is about a thousand miles of severe rust salt water coastline in CA, but I suspect that anyone who can afford to live on the coast buys Ferraris, not Datsuns). I guess Datsun must have enforced some mysterious export laws requiring all Zs to be sold only to people who were never going to move from AZ or CA and who would be storing them(inside only) for twenty years. I wonder if these trai
  18. I think these kid's interpretation of history is probably more truthful and useful than most textbooks. Way more interesting and funny. Thankfully just got home from LA, home to all road rage and insane driving. And I was just starting to get into the ultra aggression mood and adapt to their ways. Was even considering buying a gatling gun but left too soon. Back in my rocking chair now. By the way, my sister had two car nut acquaintances from New Zealand stay with her while I was there and it was their first trip to the US. They had planned on renting a car, but on their trip via bus to
  19. For some odd reason I was thinking about this subject just last night. Hadn't even read this post yet. Was musing that if someone does make a replacement part, they need to designate someone on this site as a beneficiary of their plans or jigs and tools to make the part in case they should croak or get burned out on Zs and move on to old VWs. That way the manufacturing process won't be lost and future Z nuts will always have access to these impossible to replace parts. This is the kind of thinking you do when you're retired and have insomnia and don't have a good book to read. Plenty of a
  20. I have been looking at wheels on Ebay and was also a bit confused about offset for a bit. Apparently, the more positive offset you have, the more the rim moves toward the inside of the wheel well. Unless I'm still confused. Also, I think I saw somewhere that most fwd cars are in the +40 range, and rwd cars are around 0 to +15. Please correct if my memory has failed as usual. Victor.
  21. This old fart got an old fart present from the wife: one of those swings with a canopy to put on the deck and contemplate my navel. She just wants me to get into the old age syndrome and croak sooner so she can inherit my massive fortune. That really is laughable! Actually it is really comfortable and probably will make me live longer from relaxing too much. I can now swing in the chair, sip chokecherry wine, and watch with lazy delight as the Z slowly rusts away in the garage. Nap time. Victor. Yes, good luck to your little kiddo. Hope she is progressing quickly.
  22. This obviously shows that the Irish woman's temper has intimidated Irish men into submission, resulting in Irish men being meek and compliant. In conclusion, red hair genes combined with estrogen creates a road raging, abusive, wild eyed Tasmanian devil. Did I mention that my wife has red hair? Better change my password to this site again. :dead:
  23. If you are definitely going to install a different tranny soon, but need to get by for a short period, why not clean up the "ring" as best as possible and install the new seal with some JB weld or something similar to seal any gouges in the "ring". You won't be using that tail section anymore, so who cares if you can't replace the seal again? Might work and what is there to lose? Victor.
  24. tanny


    I'd bet you could also do some interesting new riffs, maybe start a benefit concert and call it "Band Aid". It could be for a good "gauze". I can get some nice cuts and bruises just changing wiper blades. Every time I work on a car I get some kind of bleeding goin' on. Always an adventure. Victor. :classic:
  25. tanny


    Undoubtedly one of the reasons the cops may feel it's necessary to give you all of those nice tickets is that if the person you hit decides to sue you and/or your insurance company for whiplash or whatever, documenting all the facts of the case would both cover the cops butt and make for a more straight forward case. Less chance for disputing the facts of the case if all the paperwork(ie tickets) is in order. God "bless" lawyers. Hopefully you won't have to deal with any lawsuits. Good luck. Victor.
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