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    Currently Own 70 V8 datsun 240z
    Currently Own 09 370z Silver 7a Touring sprt pkg
    past 74 260z with triple carb webers
  1. Have you checked with Jim Cook? I'm guessing they still carry the kit..
  2. Thanks Not too much for our classic Z's but definately for the 350 and 370's :classic:
  3. Currently Own a 70 240 with a V8 needs to be restored since i have not had it on the road for some years....
  4. I agree, and test you gauge, you can ground it to check that the gauge is working properly.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have owned my 70 since 86, I originally had a L28 with a e31 head, race Cam, a set of Triple weber's, full length headers, r180 with 4:11s I did most of the work myself which includes the V8 Conv in 88 in which I popped in a Chevy Stroked 400 the motor was built to slap the crap out of most cars on the street. over a period of time I had since moved on to raising a family and owning a home, my 240 has sat dormant since 05. I hope to revive it back to life and start smoking the tires again. I have a very good knowledge, and hope to help in what I can remember to others here! I currently own a 370z which I love, It reminds me so much of my 240 only with more comfy features. again I'm here to help in what little I can.
  6. New guy here! i've owned mine since 1986
  7. Triple's

    1972 240z

    I may add that once the weatherstipping has been reinstalled, close the rear hatch for a while to insure that it's going to have good contact to the body.
  8. Triple's

    Triple's 240z

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