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  1. Thanks a million Alan. And yes I have seen most of those threads, you guys really get in to some heated VIN, or shall I say "chassis serial number" conversations I'm trying to get this resolved once and for all and get the car officially titled as an "H" car so no one else has to go through all of this again because some tool decided he would get artistic with a chisel and try to pull a fast one. I had really hoped it would be stamped elsewhere on the car correctly like some other Nissans and Datsuns of the era but unfortunately I'm going to have to find another solution. Thanks again for the reply Alan.
  2. Hey guys, long time lurker on here and I obviously rarely post but I'm having an issue with a 240 K that I'm in desperate need of finding a secondary VIN location on. I searched my arse off but I haven't been able to find any information regarding the matter. It turns out that one of the genius previous owners tried passing the car off as a K"P"GC110 by modifying the "H" to look like a "P" on the stamping on the firewall and there has never been a secondary VIN plate attached. Obviously this is going to cause a bit of a red flag when we register the car and have the VIN inspected. My question is does anyone know if there may be another VIN stamped into the frame rails or somewhere else? I know the Z's, and Hakosukas have them there but I haven't been able to spot any on the C110 chassis. If I can find an unmolested VIN I can get it properly registered. If anyone has any info it would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks in advance.
  3. Tyrone, to answer your question the 280z booster will fit in a C110 chassis (just barely touching the clutch master cylinder) but I had to change the mounting plate that goes to the back of the booster and lengthen the rod that goes to the brake pedal about 30mm if that sounds like something you're up to doing.
  4. Hey guys, nice to see some other C110 owners in the states! I have a similar question, the idler arm bushing in my 73 240k is done. It looks like the 510 and 240z have different idler arms. Do you guys know of any other Datsun model in the states that may have the same one?
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