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  1. My 78' 280z is finally alive again!! time to celebrate!! I have had the motor built and on a stand for 8 months, 5spd tranny rebuilt, fuel injection system rebuilt, engine bay repainted, all engine external parts rebuilt/replaced. It's so good to here it run again!!. I have a long way to go to final restoration but soooh much of the hardest parts are done. I would like to say thanks to everyone here for the time you take to post your problems and solutions, I could not have done this without your help! I don't post much but I am here about everyday looking and learning, I will get some pics posted as soon as I can. Thanks again, Mike
  2. Does anyone have a stock exhaust manifold for a 78' 280z N47 is my head number as is the casting stamp the manifold, it has the round exhaust ports. If anyone has one of these in good shape and you would be willing to sell it please let me know.

  3. orange 73


    looks great
  4. I plan on getting my 78 280z finished this year if at all possible. I went from a junkyard destined heap to running heap to gut it all out and restore it. So far I have the motor rebuilt and a 5-Speed tranny to go behind it. While the motor is out I have the engine bay repainted, all rust areas repaired on entire car and all suspension removed bead blasted re-painted and re-installed with new springs and struts. I am working on the brake system now with new parts just in. Man these little cars do take alot of time, but I can't wait till it's done. Mike
  5. Thanks guys for the info, I am just trying to get my 73' 240 running so as to have a driver car while I am restoring my 280. It's coming along but I have a long way to go. Happy new year to all. Mike
  6. Thanks guys for the info. it makes sense now that you describe the process. One other question I have: Can camshafts be interchanged from the different L-series engines ie, 280 cam into the 240 head and vice versa, and what if you are using the old rockers on a new cam, will the new cam break in correctly? Thanks, Mike
  7. Jeff thanks for the quick response, I understand the proceedure you are decribing but how do you deal with the spring tension/pressure on the cam lobes to slide the cam out? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, I want to replace my cam on my 73 240z and want to know if it is possible to do it with the head still on the car. Just to preface my question I have done a head change before so I know about the wedge in the timing chain and torque specs and all. I guess my main question is can you remove the camshaft with the towers which will involve removing the 5 long head bolts and in the process not have to "re-torque the head bolts" in the typical 'center out' pattern. If anyone can help it would be great! Thanks, Mike
  9. Like Arne says tell him to paint! I personally like to paint as many parts off the car and re-assemble, it has worked well for me.
  10. Carl, the headlight 'buckets' as they are commonly called have threaded studs on the back with a very small nut that fastens them from the back side (inside the front of the front fender, also a few maybe 3-4 6mm bolts that fasten them on to the main body section. You should be able to get these from a bolt supplier or even a decent hardware store, maybe even Lowe's or Home Depot. These are a 5 minute fastening job, 1 year for paint work is ridiculous.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post all of your great looking work for all to see. It's so much easier for all of us doing the same things on our cars to learn from good pics and posts like yours. This sight is an essential part of my restoration!
  12. From the pics the car looks pretty good, as long as you have a descent shell of a car you have something worth building on. I bought (2) 73 240's this spring and am working on both now. They looked terrible at first cosmeticly but they are very sound structurally. I live in New Mexico so these cars have very little rust, of course on any of these cars you will have to decide how far you want to go with the restoration. Time & money is all it ever takes to do anything, but I like doing as much as I can myself for the learning experience, and it's FUN!! Use this sight to answer your questions, it has saved me much time and money. Good Luck!
  13. I am installing my new Eibach springs today along with the Tokico shocks on my 78 280z, I was looking for the answer to which spring goes front or back. I finally found it at the bottom of the box that the shocks were in from MSA. The little note reads: Eibach Progressive Rate Springs "The part number on the spring ending in 01 is the front spring" (shorter spring) "The part number on the spring ending in 02 is the rear spring" (longer spring) That is the note everyone wants to find in the spring box from Eibach I hope this helps, and another poster said to make sure the word Eibach and the numbers read right side up when the spring is installed.
  14. Anyone here know what might be the problem? I have a 78 280z with auto trans, when I put it in reverse and back up with a little bit of acceleration I here a clunk sound. This only happens in reverse, sounds & feels like it is coming from rear end passenger side. Any ideas?

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