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    I have a 1980 280zx 10th anniversary in 98% shape as well as an 84 300zx 50th anniversary in near perfect shape once I claen the engine with 37K on it. I belong to the zany club in the Albany NY area our website is www.zanyz.com
  1. I will do a cartoon of what happened!
  2. zed head, went thru the fuel system, my son in law thought it was the ignition module too. Borrowed a distributor from another club member and the car ran smoothly with no problems, hence the problem was narrowed down. got a new ei module from black dragon ( cheapest at 100 bucks) the new part is installed last night and the car runs perfectly. Thanks again for your help Mike
  3. Zed head, We swapped the distributor shaft and distributor with one from another z and the problem disappeared. hence it was narrowed down to the distributor and ei module. I then purchased a module from Black Dragon, the most reasonable of anyone. just over $100. we put it in last night and the car seems to be running great again. My son in law felt that was the problem from the beginning, thanks for your insight Mike
  4. While driving the 10th anniversary z last night, a car pulled up next to me, the girl in the passengers seat gave the car a thumbs up then rolled down the window climbed half out of the window and exposed her breasts . this was a first. she then proceeded to do it again. so I have a second! Not sure if it was the car she liked or me!!!
  5. checked the fuel lines and in the gas tank, all looks clean. Driving last night, engine quit numerous time and then started up again while still in drive position. seems like it may be electrical or maybe electrical to the fuel pump?
  6. mine has 96,000 miles, and in pretty nice shape. I got it from CA a few years ago. picture is on the top of the webpage in recent pictures.
  7. thanks all for your comments, I am planning on the fuel injector cleaner then tackling the fuel system. I have my son in law ( mechanic) taking the car today to see if it acts up for him as it does for me. will keep you filled in as I progress. thanks again for the input
  8. 10th anniversary 280zx This is the new one from CA, the other picture is the clone
  9. 50th anniversary 300zx at ZCCA in Cleveland, first place in its class
  10. at ZANY's northeast z adventure in Saratoga, NY
  11. make sure it is a true 10th anniversary, I bought a clone once , before I knew what I was doing! Not that I know now? if there are headlight washers, a plaque at the top of the console stating the number of 3000 it was and automatic heating and cooling , it probably is a true anniversary car. I now have a real one and sold the clone as a clone. from the photo it looks like it.
  12. I have a 1980 10th anniversary 280zx automatic. This is a CA car with 98,000 miles and up until now has been running great. Now when I accelerate I feel a hesitation in the engine like it is holding back, when I give it more gas it sometimes responds and other times hic cups a couple times and pops. A couple times it has stalled out when just making a slow turn. also (this is new) while running at 70mph the tach has dropped to zero and stalled out then picked up again. this now has happened 4 times and the last time it stayed off for 15 seconds or so and then started up again. anybody encounte
  13. The Albany, NY Z club is hosting thier Northeast z Adventure June 26 and 27 in Saratoga, NY at the Saratoga Auto Museum. Great venue to ho;d a show and great exhibits in the museum. The grounds are beatiful at the Saratoga State Park and the park is still open. There will be an Autocross on Sunday. Check out the ZAY website www.zanyz.com for additional information. or leave me a message. We would love to see you all from the Northeast.
  14. until
    ZANY Club -Upstate NY - Albany Tri cities - is hosting their annual show on the lawn at the Saratoga Auto Museum. Registration includes admission into the Museum. There will be an option to participate in an autocross on Sunday for those of you guys who might be interested. Check out our website for more information. www.zanyz.com
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