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    1974 260Z
    Currently being restored to original, with a few comfort upgrades, like disc brakes, suspension, and A/C
  1. My personal favorite place: MSA: www.zcarparts.com Black Dragon and Zparts are other reputable dealers. If you try Ebay, stay away from Reddat. He's a great seller, but he overcharges on shipping. A dealer will be around the same price for parts, although shipping can make a difference. Shop around at all of them, and find the best price.
  2. If it weren't so hard/expensive to get the cars back to ND....
  3. Yeah, I just eye-balled the weight. I pulled a tranny out of a 85 Mustang two weeks ago, (without transmission jack) and I just about got crushed by the S.O.B. The guy original owner did a lot of mods to the car, carbs, full exhaust, pistons, lowered, 1" roll bars, trans brace, camshaft, dash etc....I would have kept all the stuff together but the body is falling apart. Everything pulled off will either be ebayed or used on my early 260Z. If anyone wants anything, PM me. I can send pics, and I will be very reasonable on prices. I need the extra space for my new baby...a 10th Anniversary 280ZX
  4. For the ratio, I rotated the tire 1 full turn, and watched how many turns the driveshaft made. I crawled under the car, and it has a rounded diff cover, so its got the R-200. On the tranny, is there any easy way to find out what year it came from? I'm looking for the close ratio'd 1-3 5 speed.
  5. Has anyone tried them as a vendor yet? They make adjustable Camber Plates, and a really cool looking Coilover Conversion kit that lets you adjust the ride height of your Z. They use Eibach springs on the kits. Since I do SCCA rally racing, I'm looking at the coilover conversion, so I can lower my car at the meets, and put it back to stock for daily driving. www.ground-control.com http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=62/CA=93 (should bring you to the Datsun/etc menu)
  6. A guy about 30 miles from where I live just agreed to sell me his 10th Anniversary 280ZX. Only 2500 were made gold and black, and 500 red and black. It isn't the super rare red/black, but the guy is selling it to me for a reasonable price. It needs a complete restore of the interior, and it will need some minor body work. I'll get pictures up here shortly, for now, I'll just pilfer one from http://www.zhome.com/History/10thAnniv.htm.
  7. I was pulling the engine and transmission from a late 260Z, and I found a couple disconcerting things. 1. Aluminum 5-speed transmission. Bellhousing does not match up well with engine, only bolted on with 4 bolts plus starter bolts. Has the number 60 by shift lever connection, and # 9_2_28 near rear of the transmission. There do not appear to be any other numbers on it, but I haven't scrubbed all the grime off yet. Weight: 120 lbs. Any transmission experts out there? 2. Rear end has about a 1.6:1 ratio. I've never heard of a Z-car with a 1.6:1 rearend. All I know on the Z rearends are the foll
  8. On a lot of Datsuns, when dry, you can't even get the wipers to move except on high. The motor, if turning, is just the stock setup. Look up/into the Honda wiper motor and relay upgrade. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28989&highlight=Honda+Wiper+Motor+Relay That's the thread on it, and if you can get the right motor, it makes a HUGE difference.
  9. Water, Fuel and Oil pressure gauges... Sure look nice, but I'd still like a fuel and an amp/volt gauge in my car. Any idea if there are any really good places to get 2-3 gauges in other places? A-pillar, or underdash pod?
  10. Blue, you are one heck of an amazing Zee-guy! What had thrown me off before is what Bruce clarified right after me. I always thought that with the intakes, the numbers would increase with later models ie: 36 would be early, 88 would be later. Well, now I know for sure which intake to put on my complete car. Another thing that bothers me, but is probably not really necessary info, is what odes the E or N relate to on the intake? Was it just a way of matching heads to intakes? And does anyone know what carbs came on the 260s, and what year the Hitachi domes were used on?
  11. I know 2 guys and seen their solutions: a) A-pillar gauge pods Gauge pod attached to bottom edge of dash Both work. For me, the A-pillar makes me self-conscience that I will hit them with my head twice (did it once). And depending on where you put the pod under the dash will alter visibility and knee-damage. He attached them near the center console, which gave decent leg-room, and good visibility, even if around/through the steering wheel. JC Whitney (www.jcwhitney.com) has the generic pods Rico used for mounting under the dash (2 screw holes generally). I do not know where Sean got the A-pil
  12. 5 Datsun/Nissan 240z 260z 280z Un-Cut Key Blanks RARE Item number: 280262252676 Reserve: $500 I figured myself on buying a set (2 keys) for like $75 personally.... If you get that price, I was wrong, and definately more power to you!
  13. Any chance you could send me the pics of your Vintage Air compact system you installed? Feel free to email the to thashark@gmail.com

    Thank you!

    Mitch L.

  14. For what Year and Model? Different years had different sending unit voltages, ohms, etc.
  15. It almost sounds like a bad connections somewhere off of the distributor. or something. Does the backfire happens when it starts running again?
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