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    I never thought to own a Z; however two years ago for my b-day I was lucky enough to become the new and second owner of a 1974 260Z! the car as it sits right now, is 100% original, down to the lugage straps in the cargo area. From what I gather even though the previous owner had the registration current, I doudt the car got driven at least for the past ten years! Although I have not really gotten to really work on my car, I have already identified and fixed a rusted out freeze plug on the intake manifold. I recently fired the car up, and arter a few cranks it went, the engine still sounds goo

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  1. Great video on your rebuild...!!!! I would have kept the extra Z for parts, the early 260's parts are getting harder to find. you are probably the 4th person I've known to be a 260 owner like me....my car was built on 9/73, car number 3099!!!! what's yours? I'm in Pomona, CA. have had my Z for a few years now...all original, down to the orange paint, I'm the second owner, and I am preserving the car rather than restore at this time.

  2. Great job, the paint looks amazing! I also have an early 260 and I am torn between keeping the original paint, which is not bad at all, or take it all down for a fresh coat of paint, you may have inspired me to change my mind.
  3. I was lucky enough to find an early 260 and although i have not driven it yet, I am sure I will enjoy it, never had a Z before so I rather not venture into any opinions! Car was a barn find along with an excellent price, that so far makes me really happy!
  4. Welcome and congrats, that is a sharp looking Z! even with the vinyl top, what were they thinking right? just amazing how some of these cars have survived so in an original condition! I am not painting my car for a while, even though it has more than a few dents, these cars will only be original once, and I would like to keep mine as original as possible. Good luck with your ZROFL
  5. Hi Jim: I would also be interested, my flat tops sat in a garage unused for at least 12 years, and alhtough they were gummy, after some cleaning they seem to be functioning, have not driven my car yet, and would be interested in any kind of factory modification available, don't want to give up on flat tops simple because everyone does.....no offense to anyone who has. George
  6. Wow! sorry to hear about your tire misfortune, where I'm at I am getting the fat tires...BF Goodrich for $500.00 out the door, and I thought that was a great deal, specially since I am getting what I want.
  7. Welcome to da club! you may want to check a couple of the pick up parts in the Inlad Empire, I live in Pomona, and have quite a few wrecking yards withing a 20 mile radius, not specialized in Z's per say, but i have been able to score a few parts for my Z, check out Pick up Part in Fontana, and Ecology auto Wrecking in Fontana as well! good luck!
  8. I was looking into rebuilding the booster myself, only because Black Dragon carries the kit to do so, but I have not set any time aside to tackle the project.
  9. Welcome to the forum, great looking project, love the mirrors and as long as you persevere you will get it completed!
  10. Nice well deserving purchase...welcome, fellow 260 owner here! not too many 260's around!
  11. I got a Wii....along with the Wii fit..........I guess there is a message there! no car stuff, but I was given a coupon for my BF Goodrich tires of my choice!
  12. No Actually it was a white one, and it is by the Pep Boys on Holt, and this guy also buys and sells cars, not only z's, by the way he still has it, in my opinion because he is asking for too much $2200!
  13. Welcome to the site Dawg7, it is nice to see another 260 owner join, not too many of us! Your car looks great, I am sure that after the changes you will impletemt the car will be a blastROFL
  14. you are after my own heart! I have a 260, I was lucky enough to find an early one 9/73, which looks a lot like a 240, and I have yet to regret my purchase! I have never own a Z before, but I am glad that I was able to find an unmolested complete car for me to take on the full restoration myself.
  15. Regardless of what you paid, I believe you score yourself a nice ride, the interior alone is worth a lot, and your car's interior looks great! I'm a bit jealous actually, my 260's exterior is great; however the interior is shot! congrats though, hope you get to enjoy it for a long time!
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