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  1. drag0n

    got the Z

    does not run... will be making a trip to the junk yard to pull the other one... what car can i look for in the auto parts store computer for matching parts????
  2. drag0n

    got the Z

    it wasnt the coil by the way, the pickup in the distributor was hitting and broke, replaced the distributor and it ran, took it out and it wouldnt start back up friday night, starter is most likely suspect, wouldnt run on a jump.... this thing has been sitting for like 4 years i kinda expected a bit of problems
  3. drag0n

    got the Z

    Sorry it took so long, but here are the pictures: http://wtfwasthat.net/gallery2/v/fairlady/ its really hard to find parts for this because i havent found a (s or h)130 in ANY autoparts system, and the car they have as a 280zx is just plain wrong for matching parts most of the time. You pull and pay on seymour ave in cincinnati has a 79 datsun h130 that i can pull parts off of (and have). but other than that its kinda hit or miss as to if a part will be right from the 280zx because the alternator was wrong but i think the rotor, cap and wires were actually right.
  4. drag0n

    got the Z

    yes, that is right (from what i know) it is a fairlady 280 z, j-spec rhd. it does have a 280zx on the back plate between the tail lights but that might have been put there by a previous owner, i dont know for sure... but it says fairlady z all over it and EVERYTHING is in japanese, emissions sticker, vacuum hood sticker, firewall plate, fuse plate, its such a beautiful sight! it is soooo hard finding parts for it though because the 280zx parts arent the same it seems. the alternator for example, ended up matching to a different vehicle with a different engine from the same year. the cap and rotor matched up but who knows what else ill run into
  5. 1979 j-spec fairlady 280 Z. working out the preliminary bugs, but its running right now (well, it will be when i get the new coil tomorrow).
  6. drag0n

    no headlights

    just bought a 79 fairlady z. headlights dont work, i hear the relay kick with the running lights, but no relay kick for headlights, swapped smaller relays, nothing... i have power on both sides of the fusible link marked H.L. no fuse in the kick panel for it though
  7. the more i look the more i keep seeing "floor support rails" are these VEHICLE frame rails or interior structural support pieces? it looks like in some pictures its welded to the replacement floorboards... im so lost!
  8. the vin starts with HGS13000..... this will be my first Nissan, so im learning here....
  9. you might want to email him first, i found out his wont work but he sent me somewhere that will
  10. i have a few competent welding friends, one is actually a fabricator at river city body, a truck fabrication company. if i get it i can have someone work on it with me, but i didnt know how major this was, i have a jeep that has SOME deterioration in the frame and i know its bad on that, but with as gone as this one was i didnt think it was so bad since it was still driving
  11. Im looking at purchasing a 79 j-spec fairlady z 280. it has signifigant frame rail rot on the passenger side. enough to the point that im considering not getting it. but when i look i found baddogparts.com and a few other resources that led me to think this might not be all that uncommon or massively detrimental . the it rots from just forward of the front bend to almost all the way to the rear bend the whole bottom side is rotted out and the sides are almost gone. can anyone tell me 1- how signifigant this is, and 2- how easy it might be to fix this and 3- how much this is worth against his asking proce (2500) its in good conditin otherwise, minor scratches and surface rust and like i said until i saw this i was about to cut a check on the spot. thanks guys, if i get this car im going to be getting more into the scene and it would be great to see another scene thats as helpful as some of the others i have been around.
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