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  1. I cant comment on worth but you could definitely get more on the east coast as mentioned. Nice find! I love that interior! Mines just like it but I have a after market steering wheel with matching saddle leather brown on it.
  2. I cant comment on worth but you could definitely get more on the east coast as mentioned. Nice find! I love that interior! Mines just like it but I have a after market steering wheel with the same saddle leather brown on it.
  3. Awesome info and thank you for sharing it! I also believe you will find rust with just about any car from this period unless its been kept in a vault or restored. Thats why I have no clue why some people are making such a great deal over it. The paint peeled and some rust started to form but it does not look like its rusted through. It looks easily sandable in most spots. I might note that there is a lot of dead leaves on the car and it looks like some of them decayed around the engine bay. I myself thought that was real bad rust at first. I also see truth to what you say about having a rusted car to restore or repair over a rust free car ( in some situations ). Even if the repair fails you can only blame yourself. I would rather admit to my failure then realize someone conned me into buying a rusted up car that has been covered up. I had a bad experience like that with a Furry that was handed down to me. It was bought for my Grandmother by my Uncle and then eventually given to me. A rock slung up into the fender well and knocked out a huge hunk of bondo or something exposing a shady repair job that was covered with a good paint job.
  4. Dude, I never put any words in your mouth and it appears as if your the one doing so. I said " Im sorry you don't have any reason to be offended ". Not, " Im sorry your offended". Please calm down a bit. Im meaning no harm. Please read the post and dont jump to conclusions. Its a personal pet peeve of mine as I said. I also said I was being sincere about it and not trying to sound like a jerk. When you deal with such ignorance multiple times it gets frustrating and you grow a certain kind of hatred for those stubborn type of people. Its easy for one to feel someone like that is also trying to take advantage of you if indeed he does not have sentimental value to the car. Its been up on Craigslist for a while and I cant see reality setting in any time soon but if this was the case why cant he see it realistically? If he is indeed being pressured to get rid of it why is he insisting on getting so much more than what its worth? If its been sitting for years like he claims he should be willing to take the money and run cause no one else has offered him an appealing enough deal either. Its actually posted with two different descriptions. One simply says has engine and trans call, xxx-xxx-xxxx and the other appears to be typed up by his wife with a description of the vehicle not fitting for the pics. Im not a Detective but that tells me they just wanna pinch someone and not out of sentiment. Exactly. I can easily remove any parts that are in working order and get that much back for scrapping the rest if I can not proceed with repairs so it works either way. I think people are looking at it in a different view, more of a restoration and whats it going to be worth later on point of view. Plus, lots of people advertise that they will pick up non running vehicles and pay you for scrap. Owning the car I drive daily now made me care less about end value. I paid $16,000 when I bought it used and 1 year later in the same condition it was in when I purchased it the depreciation dropped the car down significantly in price. More than half of what I paid. So, now when I buy a car I look at it like Im stuck with it for good and may as well do what I want with it so long as Im paying cash in hand. Thanks. I have to get some of this equipment sometime soon anyway for the one I bought the other week. Im not a expert at looking at a cars picture and telling what all is wrong with it but it looks to me as if most of the rust is superficial and just needs sanding but I could be wrong. I do see some bad rust like in the headlight bucket and the rocker area but the door and hood and all looks simple. This Z I got the other week is technically my first project car thats more than 10 years old. And yes that is what I meant when I said I dont mind doing some more simple repair. All in all the guy wont budge. I told him what I would give him for the car and he said no. He has e-mailed me twice asking if I want the car. I ask him if hes ready to make a deal and he insists its worth $1,500. It dont even seem like he has that much attachment to the car, he just honestly thinks its worth that much. So Im done and willing to use the money on things pertaining to my other Z.
  5. And this is the guy telling me I make it look as if my opinion is all that matters? I took the " I wouldn't offer anything " into consideration if you couldn't tell around post number 8. I wasnt forcing my opinion on anyone. I was just making my reasoning clear! I tried to clear things up... oh well.
  6. Your totally wrong. Im not in anyway offended but thats not at all how I come off nor is it how I wish to if that is how your taking it. I barely have any threads started. I learned from searching this site that their is value in almost anything when dealing with this car. My opinion is why I decide to even make a offer on the car so my opinion should count in some way. Acting as if my opinion does not count and others should really aint playing fair. Besides,whats the point in having your own opinion if you are to worried about voicing it? Also: This was intended to be sincere and a answer to his question. Not rude or narrow minded in anyway. Now Im going to have to resort to posting a silly smiley face so you know Im not being a jerk cause its hard to tell ones feelings when its just a bunch of typed up words.
  7. Sorry you have no reason to be offended but its the general principal and the fact its a poor way to do business. If you think the car looks so bad than you have to agree that its pretty lame to try and sell it and claim its worth more than what its actually worth just cause he cant let it go yet has no ambition to fix it himself. Sorry,but that's just a personal peeve I have in this used car game:ermm:. And I know I seen way worse project cars then that doing some searching. Like I said, I was worried about some of the rust but I have the understanding that if the car can be had cheap it can be made worth it cause I would be replacing those parts anyway. So, why pay so much more for a better looking car just to remove those parts? That and I do like the parts car idea as well.
  8. Forget it. This guys a idiot. He is the type that feels he is entitled to double the value cause he cant let it go. I hate those people. If you cant let it go then fix it. If your not fixing it obviously you either dont care about it or it has no hope. Wont budge under $1500.
  9. This is how most of the people that I know worked things out to get a position at a dealership. Start out a lot person and just be a great employee. Move up to detail and recon and so forth.
  10. Im not looking at it in a restoration point of view, Im looking at it as a customization point of view. As long as I dont have to do much welding Im ok with some more simple body work. I am thinking about blowing it off but Im not understanding the logic here. The rust dont look as if its rusted through in most spots and if people can sell a sanded down rolling shell for 1,000 with no motor or trans whats wrong with getting this car for possibly half of that cost and doing some one off work? Im not trying to be rude or anything at all.
  11. Even if he says 500$? I live in Delaware anyways. Everything is at least an hour away:sick: EDIT: I actually just noticed the hole in the headlight bucket:cry:
  12. Really? I mean, considering it runs and I most likely will be doing a new paint job and some other body parts anyway is it really that bad? I wont pay no 1,000$ that's for sure...! I really cant find anything for under 1K in better shape around here. Im on the east and Z's are in horrible shape. Especially this close to the shore.
  13. Ask for a detailing position. When I need extra cash I actually post fliers in my neighborhood offering to detail peoples car. I live in a tourist town and I also live in a huge home owners development which works out well on my behalf cause I get a lot of wealthy people over the summer with some new BMW's that need to stay fresh and clean. But, I also have lots of elderly people that live here year round and cant do it themselves. Some of them are even marked on my calender for future jobs. Of course if you do a private type of deal such as that you need a decent amount of money to start but I just bought my 76 280z the other week with money I have been saving from detailing since last fall and I have some scratch left over for parts and possibly another Z if the price is right. Also, instead of focusing on that one Z I would just work, work, and work ( saving somewhere in there helps also;) ) and just keep an eye out for a better deal in the mean time as a fall back. What part of Virgina do you live in? Try out some of the beach areas. We have an amusement park on the Boardwalk up this way and they hire young kids for summer work. If you get in at the right time of year they pay for your living quarters and all but you work your arse off.
  14. So Im debating on a second Z already. Its another 76 280 like the one I just bought the other week but has much more problems as far as I can see. The owner has been brief and has not confirmed any problems with the car yet ( but I keep asking ) which concerns me. Its a Craigslist find and Im gunna have to drive 2 hours to view the car. Here are some pics. I have no problem working on the body and interior cause well its a Datsun and I can only expect to replace 1/2-3/4 of the cars body panels anyway with catchy aftermarket stuff.
  15. You also forgot every generation and body style after the fox body:finger:
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