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  1. 2ManyZs-thanks for the help-was thiking 918 orange but haven't as yet tried to match. Iwent nto my auto paint store and matched the color,or thought I did, with a can of spray enamel.It wasn't even close. It turned out a brown with a hint of orange.VERY BAD MATCH. If you find the color,would appreach it. thanks again for your help. B.B.
  2. '72 240-z--- does any one know the color(orange) code for the air filter housing or where I may find it? thanks in advance. B.B.
  3. bodron

    71 240Z blue

    Great looking 'Z'. May I ask about the center caps on your slotted mags? What kind are they? Thanks in advance, B.Bodron.
  4. 240-z(72) restoration.would anyone suggest which shocks and possibly springs for daily driving. only owner(90000 mi.) never raced. Original shocks and springs still on the car. Appreaciate any and all advice. many thanks, B.B.
  5. ,72 240 in the process of restoration for approximaty 1 yr. what should be done and what precautions should be taken before restarting the engine.any advice would be greatly appreciated. by the way, the engine was checked out and tuned shortly before the restoration was begun----thanks in advance. B.B.
  6. the chromed plastic divider over the years(30) has deteriorated--bubbled and peeled--from exhaust fumes.What are the options?Is rechroming plastic a possibity and if so,where? Any other processes?Tail light assemblies are NLA as you know. Thanks in advance. B.B.
  7. great color-excellent photo. exactly,what White is this? b.b.
  8. restoration-can anyone tell me if the spokes of the steering wheel is finished off in semi-gloss(black) or matt(flat black).Thanks in advance. b.b.
  9. bodron


    need inpt abont paints-type and grades- My painter is states that he can save me about half if we use Omni (?) verses Delton. base coat-clear coat.. would appreatiate any comments both pro and con. many thanks in advance. Buddy B.
  10. where to find --thanks-buddy bodron. also emblem for rear hatch.. "DATSUN-240-z. thanks again, b.b.
  11. veryu good-but prefer singles.
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