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  1. Here is a vid of the idle and rev....I need to make another as the battery of ipad ran out. Mikuni Problems | PERPETUALROAD
  2. They are brand new NOS triples from wolf creek still were sealed from early 90s or so in original box. Ignition is the Kameari Unit, a BSR/FAR cam, mild port heads, Clifford headers, 2.4, holly electric pump, fuel pressure and jets etc I'll check again later in day or tomorrow morning as I'm at work now. Oh and Taylor plug wires from Motorsport Z. I'll get a vid up also. perpetualroad.com
  3. Was there a dyno compare between BSR vs AZC manifold? I have a BSR and am curious is all. I will be following you and or this thread. perpetualroad.com
  4. Hello hoping someone can help me out on here. I have triple mikunis that upon acceleration will not let my car go above 60mph and also has a lot of stuttering and misfiring. Now I'm thinking bad fuel among tuning of the carbs. The fuel in tank is a few months old. So any help will be greatly appreciated. Also I didn't know how to share my ebay findings but there is a SK manifold and surge tank for sale for turbo carb set ups here 240Z 260z 280z Custom Surge Tank for Turbo HKS Cartech Greddy | eBay 240Z 260z 280z Triple SK Intake Manifold Triple Carburetors | eBay
  5. I was curious if anyone has used a 4 speed with 4.11 gears? Also what was their take on the set-up. Thanks
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