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  1. Thanks so much mike! that does make sense, i will try it since its sitting on the floor right now
  2. Hi all, I've done some searching but can't find others solutions ... i had to replace the gas tank on my 240 so I purchased a beautiful (really) used tank. When preping to put it all back on the car, I noticed both of the lines coming out of the front of the tank (return and inlet) are 5/16" .... the return line on my car is 1/4" hard line... The tank may have been from a later model, mine is a 72' it fits perfect otherwise. What have others on the forum used as a reducer for this? Or am i the first to run across this? Thanks in advance.
  3. I am stoked for you.... Jealous, but stoked
  4. This info was great! thanks so much for posting!
  5. HI Seth. I am over in Rio Rancho and the friend Carl Beck mentioned in his post to you. I plan on getting more involved with the Z folks in the area, just have to make the time. I look forward to seeing the finished product. I bet she is going to look great. -Bill-

  6. Yes i am patching in the side marker lights, i thought it would look clean as well. there will be no emblems or trim except the two upper z's on the sides and probably leave the one on the hood, that is still up in the air though. suzook, you are in Alb. as well, very nice...what part of town? PM me sometime, maybe we can chat bout z's over a
  7. i will try that next time, i dont understand why they are not showing up though...they still show on mine, and i dont rearrange photobucket. I will try to figure it out
  8. I had some stainless sheets sitting around and they were the perfect gauge steel... so, i cut to 'em just like my cardboard patch panel;) tacked 'em in and voila... part Delorean Thanks for the reply, not many people I know, or around this town, understand the Z love:love:
  9. I was just itchin to tell/show someone that doesn't give me a hard time for all of my work on the Z car so here are some pics, let me know what you all think advice is always welcome So I started with : Moved on to: Found stuff like: and am curing the cancer like: Starting to eliminate rear bumper: Now the z is part Delorean All the patches are done and grinded down: Now she jut needs to be sanded again(except the stainless delorean parts), But i am closer to paint than ever and getting excited once again! Hope i didn't bore you all, I know my lady is sick of hearing about car stuff so i thought i would share with the board. Thanks for listening, Slo
  10. Thanks to all, Looks like I will be cutting and welding More pics are always apprieciated love the z's with no rear bumpers! Nice to see what i am working towards on others cars
  11. Nice, that looks cherry... thanks for the reply! anyone else out there eliminate their rear bumper? Pics are great, thanks again!!!
  12. Here is a pic of the area in question.. (in case it is not called a roll pan) Thanks again
  13. Does anyone know if there is a a company out there that makes a smooth piece for the rear of a 240. i am trying to eliminate my rear bumper and instead of doing all the patchwork needed i thought it would be nice if someone made a one piece weld on unit. Thanks in advance. Slo
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but is anyone on the forum running 14 inch rims with the tokico hp/eibach suspension setup... I just want to see some pic's so I can get an idea of what the different tyre size's look like. Any pics of 14's would be great! just remember to mention your tire size. Thanks again
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