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  1. Im the proud owner of a 1979 nissan fairlady 280z 4 seater, it's completely orignal right down to the monte carlo silver! even the original leathers on the seats, the gear knob every thing! Jared Pender Hamilton, Zealand Nissan Fairlady 280zt
  2. -skids280-


    what model is the red car?
  3. the biggest problem i say would be unevenly worn pads, probably due to wheel alignment or even long tern wheel off-balance, itd be easy to fix provided you had a pair of verniers
  4. i own a 1979 fairlady 280zt, not much of you guys seem to own 280zt's
  5. -skids280-


    what mods hqave you got man? whered you get that kiit from
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