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  1. i had one of those and now i have a 78 280 and i cant tell a diffrence
  2. z2b


    my 78 is getting about 22 mpg driving back and forth to work, 3.58 a gal u.s for the cheap stuff but luckey i work at a motorcycle shop so i get free octain booster
  3. z2b

    hood vents

    me thinks this thread has been hijacked
  4. thanks all, i won the bid, nice and clean with the z mark in the middle.
  5. im looking for a set of 280zx center caps if anyone has some. im bidding on a set on e bay but not sure if ill win them or not. please pm me or leve message here, thanks
  6. z2b

    what a deal

    i bought 4 280 zx 5 spoke or starfish rims (wicthever) for100.00 bucks. a little tlc and they will look awesome. 4 new tires being installed mon.i just like the way they look on a z
  7. complete frame off restore and custom . wish they would put me on overhaulin!!! chip does great work
  8. z2b

    hood vents

    thanks, with that being said i should be able to replace the vented hood with a solid one with no problems, or very little , correct
  9. z2b

    hood vents

    thats what i was thinking
  10. z2b

    hood vents

    i thought it had something to do with vapor lock!
  11. z2b

    hood vents

    i have 2 78 280s and a 76 280 the 78s have vents but the 76 does not. did vents come on them or are they aftermarket and what purpose are they
  12. hi, this is a great place for info and such, have fun and welcome
  13. z2b

    tires again

    sorry to start this again but will 215/70/14 on a 14*7 rim fit ok on a 280, i have a chance to buy some cragar stlye rims and tires and want to make sure they fit. the tire stuff confuses me thanks
  14. z2b


    thanks for the welcome!! i m thinking of switching to carbs gary
  15. hi to all i have had a 260,then a 280 2+2 wicth was stolen out of my yard the weekend after christmas 12 years ago such great shape too. now i have a 78 280 that runs real good but the rust is taking over,i also have a 260 in great shape but bad motor. so i am restoring the 260 then swaping motors. i joined here b/c everyone seems so nice and there seems to be some vaulable info as well. let me do some more reading and i will be posting soon.
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