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    stock rims

    I found out that I don't have the money to get new rims for my Z so I'll be refurbishing my stock rims. I don't know what width they are but they are stock for a 76 280Z and right now they have 195/70/14 on them. Will I be able to fit a 215 width tire on those rims? What is the widest tire I could fit? Some of you have 225/60/14s, are those on stock 280 rims?
  2. Wow Jeff, that looks fabulous! Thanks for that guys email by the way.
  3. I just don't want too little rubber that I end up burning out the tires alot faster than normal. Maybe someone could post what size tires theyr using and how much hp they have? I'm looking to make around 300-330hp after my stroker.
  4. It's not gonna be a racecar, just something for me to have a ton of fun out on the streets during the summer. Maybe take it to the drags and the track a couple times a year, but mainly just street use. Maybe if i go 245/45/17 in the rear and go 205/45 in the front? Or something like that
  5. Wow, thanks that was very informative. So now I understand that I need to know the tire width and wheel offset to find out if it will rub. Is that for when the wheel is turned or straight? Is there a way of figuring out if rubbing will occur at the maximum turning angle? I was at one point thinking about going with smaller front wheels/tires than the rear but I'd prefer to use 245/45/16 or 17s on all 4 corners.
  6. Jeff, what color is that? I am absolutely in love with it right now. edit: also if you custom made that hood you should think about selling those, i want it!
  7. I can imagine how excited you must be. I dropped my Z off at my body shop guy in late May, he said it would be back in my garage by late July.....he's about halfway done right now and all I can think about it getting my baby back on the road. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished product soon!
  8. so im guessing that i am in fact limited to 7.5-8" wheels since im not using coilovers?
  9. to be honest, i don't have an exact "plan" but i was planning on using eibach springs and tokico HP shocks. i have not found any coilover sets for the 280z. would 8" wheels work with that set up if i get flares? or would it rub on the suspension somehow? could you also point me in a direction to find some coilovers for the 280z?
  10. I've tried to find the answer to this question before I asked this so please bear with me on this question that seems so simple I don't know why I don't already know the answer to this. Anyways, here goes. What size tires will fit on 7 and 8 inch rims? width wise obviously. For my Z i want something like 245/45 on either 16s or 17s whichever will fit, but I'm just curious as to which rim width I would need for 245 wheels. Thanks alot,
  11. hey mark, what size rims and tires do you use with that setup? i need to get new wheels and tires soon and i dont want to have clearance issues. i was thinking 17" rims with something like 225/45 or 245/45
  12. I must have missed that part about the warranty, that right there just decided for me.
  13. I was looking at the HPs, they seemed really good for the money, what about the tokico illuminas? does anyone have them and would they reccomend them?
  14. Oh nice, that's really helpful to know. I just can't wait till this spring to test out my new springs!
  15. very nice choice of color! I wish I could see that beaut on the road
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