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  1. Great exposure for the Z community....I looks like Sunday 5/8 at 10 PM EST will be the first broadcast.
  2. Hi,When 240Z's where being restored by Nissan they sold the restored car for 20K +,free sounds good,running & driving will sound amazing...it's a yes...go for it...the 240Z was rated as the best car Nissan ever built so good luck!!
  3. it looks questionable.....not recommended.
  4. NissanMaster


    Love It!
  5. Has anyone done this steering upgrade,it looks like a winner from what I can see from the parts pic,it looks very similar to the G35 4WAS setup.
  6. ZdayZ is great! The Dragon did take a few Z's out (bummer),Dave & Andy from Chicago Z get the Ironman for making the BRE reunion at the Mitty & making ZdayZ,very cool!
  7. Hi Mark,We have a mutual Zickness with Z cars,I can totally relate,Welcome!
  8. NissanMaster


    Peter Brock was a great host!
  9. NissanMaster


    The BRE 370Z!
  10. NissanMaster


    The BRE 370Z!
  11. BRE Reunion dinner was a great event & new BRE 370z looks beautiful!
  12. Eiji is a friend and has been a great source for good 240z gear,but the "Datsun Spirit" theme is used by Nissan on the transports for the rare works cars,I have recent pics from Mr K's 100th where the slogan on the trailer walls say "Forever Datsun Spirit" so I thought if it's good enough for the factory.........
  13. "Datsun Spirit 240z Forever!"
  14. I haven't been to the shop but enjoyed checking out the tuner's at the Mitty. We'll see what's brewing for 2010.
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