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    Comercial Fisherman (Alaska), househusband, substitute teacher, small time farmer

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    1972 240x parts car, 1972 240z (I'll get to it someday)
    1973 240z 1983 l28 & 5spd, r180 4.11, ZTherapy 71 su's, 3 2 1 header w/ 2.5 pipe, toyota calipers, 81 alt, Crane xr3000, headlight harness upgrade w euroheadlights, & tons more to do.
  1. Really like the lighting and setting. Great Shot. Jon
  2. Cool! Sorry I didn't see this until today. Great photos, I also had my Z in our wedding photos as we drove away just like yours... Fun memories.

  3. :tapemouth This last summer my faithful Z was tucked away in my shop, mothballed, disabled, and awaiting my return from the last frontier. I was in Bristol Bay, Alaska killing salmon for a living. One cold and blustery July morning, I was enjoying 45 degree weather and a breezy 30 knot wind. :stupid: "Hey Capt.,". my crew yelled as he stuck his head out the cabin door. Your wife is on the cell phone, your son's best friend wants to borrow your Z for his wedding. They need it for a getaway car." "He really thinks your Z is tight.":cool: "Tell her that it's fine with me." I screamed over the throbbing diesel. My brain was firing on about 4 out of 6 cyl. The cold and lack of sleep had taken its revenge. "Oh well," I thought, "He's a good kid, and the Z's insured." Two weeks later, when I tossed the hook (anchor) up the river near a bear infested 3 dog village, that just happened to have an open wifi, I got an email from home. Pictures of my getaway Z snapped at the wedding by my wife. "Only 2 more weeks of this fun and I'm out of here. Then it's my 'getaway Z'.:laugh: THE END
  4. I tried to teach my girl friend to drive a stick shift in my 73 240 z in 1977. She was jack rabbiting so bad that a car stop to ask her is she was in trouble. I failed in teaching, but I won her heart anyway, been married 30 yrs. Dad taught her by driving her into the middle of 20 acres of grass in our field and letting her spin the tires and what ever to get the hang of it. We use to park in wheat fields and make out in that Z car. I know now I was lucky that the hot exhaust pipe did not catch the stubble on fire and start a major wheat fire. Love my Z's.
  5. Ditto on loving the 83 5spd and 180 4.11. For my 73 /w a 280 engine it's pure gear grabing fun. Jon
  6. Loaned my Z for a getaway car. They loved it. Now that is a classic getaway.
  7. Thanks for the info. I had spokes on my 69 MGB, but I was really interested in learning more about the background and history of Z's. You guys are a wealth of information.
  8. Did Datsun make these as a option.? Jon http://spokane.craigslist.org/pts/860121607.html
  9. Here is a look at my 73 that never had air.
  10. Your right, that is a good way to look at the whole car show scene in smaller American towns. I really worked hard to get my Z looking good for this show. But it is old with a 10' plus paint job. I live on a farm with 1/4 mile of gravel road and the tires hold little rocks that chip the paint when I hit the gas on the paved roads. But that is the price I'm willing to pay, I drive it as much as possible. The grin factor is sky high every time I head to town. What you can't change ... enjoy what you have.
  11. I had an almost 85% success rate. If they looked in the window at my Z they had some past or present relationship with a Z. One guy had a 77 280 in his garage with 34,000 miles. And "Blue 72," I agree with the color, but my green Z was in such good shape at $1,500 I had to buy her. Not many green ones left. So Green she stays. My 72 is blue, and I start working on it this week.
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