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  1. Thanks, I'm still in shock that it was on there. I check that website every day and to see my car on there was amazing. Its like the time that I sat courtside at a Rockets basketball game and got on tv!
  2. Woke up this morning to find my car on Jalopnik. I was shocked. I had joked with my brother about it in the past, but I never thought they would actually have my car on there!! Atleast 85% of the people think that its a Nice Pipe. Some great comments as well. Its still for sale if anyone is interested. http://jalopnik.com/5616412/for-7000-its-the-parting-of-the-red-z
  3. I would be skeptical that its actually 20k miles. The drive side seat shows some wear and scratches that would tell me its been driven a lot. But who knows. Its a nice Z and take it at that. I wouldn't pay any extra because of the mileage.
  4. Congrats on the sale. I'm hoping to have mine sold soon as well. Funny that I've been reading your posts for a couple years and I just figured out what your screen name says. Yes i'm an idiot.
  5. That Z looks like its worth every penny if not more!!! Haha. Come take a look at it and make an offer if you like what you see. Its not perfect, but if you can find one better for the same price you'd better buy it.
  6. Haha. I was hoping to get it to match closer but it still looks better than the original wheel. That picture makes it look off, but its not to bad in person. This one is a little better. Good luck with the sell.
  7. Looks like everyone in the Houston area is trying to sell their Z car. Must be the weather. To freaking hot to enjoy it. I'm trying to sell mine and i'm not sure if I will be able to get what i'm asking for. Not sure what its really worth either. I know how much i've spent and how much time i've spent on it as well. I don't think there are many Z's in better shape in the area. Never thought I would sell but oh well. Time for someone else to enjoy it.
  8. Hey Ben, I was wondering how your search was going. Just wondering how mine compared to some of the other Z's you have looked at. Have you looked at this one? http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/1810467036.html Or this one? http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/1800056036.html
  9. I watched it last night. Pawn Stars is one of my favorite shows. I couldn't beleive the offered the guy $4K. He wanted $16 and said that restored it would be worth $60!! haha. It was backfiring and had a miss. It was running like it had heat soak!!
  10. I'm pretty sure you are going to need a 77-78 coupe regulator. I know for sure there are atleast 3 different ones for the coupe. 70-73, 74-76, and 77-78. Also be carefull because the doors can be swapped. So you can have a 75 280z with a 77 door. Happened to me when I was looking for one. Ended up using one off a 74 260z. $125 seems a little steep, unless its a NOS part. Check ebay or post in the wanted ads. Ebay has a set for sale for $85.
  11. I love the look of my Rota RB-R's! So get the Konig's. Can't have to many Z's around here with the same wheels! haha!
  12. Yeah I got it resurfaced. New pressure plate and clutch.
  13. Is it normal to hear some noise when breaking in a new clutch? I hear a noise that sounds like tires chirping when I slip the clutch on a quick start. Its got about 1500 miles on it so far. Works fine.
  14. I don't have a pic of mine, but I beleive their is some in the thread listed above.
  15. I got a decent set for $7 from my local Junk Yard.
  16. I got the same ball joints from MSA. I was also suprised they didn't match the pictures, but i'm going to go ahead and use them.
  17. I'm in the Spring area. I like to drive my car too, but would like to avoid high traffic areas.
  18. I would be interested as well. Need to finish my bushing install and front brake upgrade first.
  19. Sounds like you have the exact setup I'm aiming for. Glad to hear you like it. I ordered my Wilwood kit from Arizona Z Car as well. Dave said that he is working on a rear kit that will have an integrated parking brake setup. But I will probably just get the 240sx kit. Where did you mount your proportioning valve?
  20. What are you running for rear brakes? I just ordered the Wilwood front kit, but i'm not sure about the rear kit. I would like to keep my parking brake. I may get the 240sx kit.
  21. Maybe I can wrap my new daily driver. Its an 88 Supra Turbo with no rust and perfect body. Except for maybe one or two door dings. But the paint is faded and needs a respray. Vinyl might be cheaper. hmmm
  22. I have seen a few wrapped cars where I work and some were very impressive! I have also seen one that I thought was paint until I saw a small chip/peel on the doors edge. All of these were on new cars with perfect body panels. I work for Toyota and will have a parking lot full of new cars. I had a friend looking for a white Tundra in a parking lot full of them and couldn't find it. Turns out it had a vinyl wrap with Houston Rockets logo's all over it! haha!!
  23. Get 17's!!! I love the way mine look. KTM is right though. Offset of the rim and width of the tire are what causes rubbing issues. If not 17's atleast get 16's!
  24. I've almost bought things from him before. But I could not bring myself to pay the outrages shipping charges, when he is probably 15-30 minutes from my house!!
  25. I don't think there is anything wrong with 17" wheels. Its probably the limit that will look great on a Z, but I have seen some 18" look killer as well. Personally I think that it needs to have a nice lip in order to not look out of place. But thats just personal preference I guess. I guess classic car enthusiasts usually are split pretty equally on keeping the time period correct look and blending the retro with the modern. Here is my 280z with 17x8.5 Rota RB-R
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