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  1. Hey guys.. It's been a little while. Anyways, I recently brought my Z on a trip from Birmingham, AL to Bakersfield, CA and along the way I ran into a little radiator trouble. During the trip, one of the vertical lines (which I assume are tubes which carry the water) chipped, thus causing my radiator to begin leaking. I pulled over for the night and used some of "Bars" radiator sealant. It was this horrible looking brown'ish gunk that I seriously thought twice about pouring into my radiator. =( But.. It seems to have done the trick. Now, 4-5 months later, I'm going to flush the radiator, possibly a chemical flush, but I'm somewhat concerned about what this will do to that sealant gunk, if anything? Aside from changing my radiator completely, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations about how to go about getting my Z ready better geared for this hot California heat? =P Money is a issue, sadly.. =(
  2. Well, Just a heads up... Still working on it, and it's gonna be some real tedious work. =P I'm going to try and include all of the information provided. From color, to engine block #, and the location/member it belongs to. Needless to say, this is gonna take a few days. But I'll keep on it till done. :bandit:
  3. . That right there, is a perfect example of the crappiness of the Haynes book. Thanks Wingnut. I forgot all about that sentence. Thanks Steve! I'll look into that CD.
  4. I'm looking for a '73 240Z Factory Service Manual. Up to now, I've been using a Haynes book.. -.- Worst damn book I've ever read, though I guess it might have helped if I was from Britain. It doesn't have to be in 'perfect' condition. Just still legible and with all the pages. =P Feel free to PM me or just respond here. Thanks everyone!
  5. Oh one more thing.. What do you all recommend to use in place of those foam pads? They've pretty much had it. Just a lump of generic neutral cure silicone sealant? Any particular brand?
  6. Well, I pulled the air intake grill. HLS30 was right. Those foam pads were retaining moisture and it was caused rust to form exactly where the bubbles are. Gonna sand down the inside and see just how bad the damage is. I'm gonna follow your advice as well Nissanman and pull the water shed. I don't THINK there is much debris in there, as the previous (original) owner took pretty good care of her. She's spent all her life in Southern California, with the exception of 1 year in Birmingham, AL when I moved out there. Thanks for ALL of your help! I'll post more pics once I finish.
  7. Hey... That's not a bad idea. I'm game. I'll work on it over the next few days and link the file.
  8. Mine is HLS30-166861. Born on 06/73. Anyone close...?
  9. Well, I did a search on the forums but couldn't find it discussed anywhere else. Has anyone ever had rust bubbles develop under the paint of the air intake grill? I have some that seem to be small... but I'm wondering what I should do next..? Any ideas? I don't mind having to sand anything down or ruining the paint, I just don't want anymore damage to be done. Sorry for the poor quality pics. Bad Camera & I can't seem to upload pics right on this forum.. :dead:
  10. Well... I started my car one day and drove a few blocks when I noticed a mechanical, metal-on-metal sound coming from my engine compartment. I drove back to the house and listened to find where the sound was coming from. I turned off my car & removed the engine sump to take a look at the camshaft and look for any problems. What I found, was a rocker arm that wasn't clamped down to the little plate that sits on the top of the spring. That plate had dislodged itself and was sitting at the bottom of my camshaft. (Good thing I found it..) I'm going to take some pics in a few minutes. Waiting for the digital camera. Basically, I'm wondering what could be done...? =\ I know I could order & replace the rocker arm & pivot but I'm not sure if it's that damaged or not. Does that little plate come off or did it "break-off?" Has anyone ever had to deal with a similar problem?
  11. Sorry guyz! Been busy moving back to California from Alabama...THAT was a mean drive. Thanks for ALL of your help. ...even you Pir0San. =P (I removed my over-riders for now. Was weird.. The previous owner had them on like that and the rubber guards were on in a way that I couldn't flip it the right way. :paranoid: Hell.. My bumper just MAY be upside down. =\) Anyways, Just wanted to state that I'm settled back in and I got my new bushings installed with no problem. It might have been easier if I had removed the entire front control arm like mlc240z did... :eek: . Regardless, she brakes and rides MUCH smoother now... but now I have another problem.. (see engine forums) Now that I'm back I can assure you all that you'll be seeing alot more of me as I finally start project "Restoration Z."
  12. Sweet. Going to grab a tension compression kit too. Thanks for the help! Everything in my Z is still stock, so of course parts are needing to get renewed & replaced after 34 years. =P
  13. OMG! I think I finally see it now... Are they also called "Radial Rods?" I have a JH Haynes manual. Damn english bastard.. I definitely need to get a new manual too.
  14. The Tension Compression Rod... Where is it...?? :paranoid: I swear, I've looked up and down the front suspension of my car and looked all through my manual, but I can't find it! Does anyone have a pic of "exactly" where it is..? :stupid: I'll admit, I'm a bit of a n00b still with mechanics but I'm trying. I'm having probs with my Z drifting to one side "all" the time. I'm thinking the outer tie rods need to be replaced.. and possibly new struts. Just going to replace the tie rods for now and the sway bar bushings and new tires. Which need to be renewed badly.. Here's a pic of her. It sucks to be on a budget... My car deserves so much more. >.<
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