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    One of the best cars I have ever owned is the Datsun 240k GL sedan, 1977 model. Far exceeded the local Australian luxury cars like Holden Premier or Ford Fairlaine of the same era. Guess thats why I've kept her in the garage for the past decade. Took her on an across Australia trip through the extremes of the Nullabour and deserts, averaging a cruise speed of appprox 145 km/ph and she did'nt skip a beat. Even had enough reserve at that speed to overtake roadtrains.
  1. :disappoin The Datsun 240k has been gone a while now. It was a hard decision especially after more than twenty years!! Thanks to all who made this thread so interesting.:disappoin
  2. :cry: Hi Every one I've been away & over committed elsewhere, THE NEWS is SHE (the '77 240K 4 door) HAS TO GO NOW Please check the classifieds for a description. No photo yet, but it will give an idea. :cry:
  3. Hi There, I've been asked alot lately if I'm selling the car. I really don't know what it is worth the way it is. Also I've had it for so long it would be hard to let her go without seeing her in all her glory like once before. Sorry but in two minds, don't know which way to go!!??
  4. No it's not me, found that somewhere. My old girl is not presentable for pics at the moment. It's amazing what gathers on and around a car that has been in a garage for so many years!!
  5. Hey Guys, I'm still hanging around. I'm definitely keeping the 240K, it will be restored to stock. (One day) It's been some good reading.......keep it up.
  6. Sorry All. I've been away a while. Please feel free to debate on this thread. It has provided quite some reading and has been very interesting. I'm leaning towards restoring to original as it is pretty much that way. The Interior is still like out of the factory (no cracks etc) just a little dusty. Still has a straight body and all original grilles, bumbers and badges. I was trying to find some pics' to post in her former glory but having trouble locating them. Soon as I do I'll post. Thanks for your input and keep threading.
  7. Had a couple of guys lately asking if I would sell my 240k, their offers first @ a couple hundred dollars now we are almost at "name my price":bandit: they claim to be shipping containers of these overseas:pirate: I find container loads hard to believe.............can anyone shed any light on this???
  8. :devious: Checked out the original ad against the current add the photo used is the same in both ads????? And still has 1 previous owner?????? Could be a "loss leader":ermm: same as major retail stores used.
  9. I'm new to the club, but i've had my 240K GL (1977 4 door) for about 21 years. When was the last time this model/style was produced? Mine has a black vinyl roof, but I have'nt seen one the same on the road or on this website? What has caused such a massive following? (Although I know it was of the best cars >with all the options included< I had driven at the time) Keen to hear from you.
  10. I did not realise the strong following for this car. Something told me to hang on to it all these years. Now with all Your support, and its been a real eyeopener, the 240K will get a new life. Still undecided whether to go Original or Street machine?? (My last attempt at street machine was unregisterable for road use)
  11. Thanks for advice. Think I'll resume project of long ago.
  12. Hi all, I have a 1977 DATSUN 240K GL sedan at home. It has been garaged and not driven for the last 12 years. It is all in original condition although the paintwork is a bit sad now, the body is straight, The vinyl roof is still very good. The interior is as it left the factory-perfect, even have the original radio & tape deck. The car has approx 67,000 km on the clock. My questions for Your feedback and advise are: (i) Should I hang on to it and restore it to its original condition. (ii) Should I modify the car for performance and looks, or, (iii) Should I get rid of the car-I've had it so long I think I might miss her?? Thanks Tonyasap (QLD Datty Owner:ermm:
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