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  1. It was a turbo. Had to do new pistons and cams. Because this car is meant to be driven I went for the Z432 look.
  2. The ignition is a Megajolt with ford edis. I mounted the coil pack to the inner fender to allow the plug wires to follow a similar route as the S20. The RB was never sold in the US and I can't think of any LHD vehicles that have it. Another option for DOHC would be the Datsunworks head. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/119641-twin-cam-head-for-the-l6-from-derek-at-datsunworks/
  3. IMG_6758.mov Kats, Thanks for the kind words. The RB20 is 4 valve. And they are cheap and plentiful. I have an extra one standing by if this one blows up. The manifold was modified from a RB header imported from NZ. Here are a couple of videos. IMG_2199.MOV
  4. Hello All, I have recently completed a project that seems relevant to this thread. My objective for my z432 tribute project was to as closely as possible replicate the z432 driving experience in a LHD configuration. I started with a '72 chassis which underwent a full rotisserie restoration. For the drive train I backdated a RB20det motor with Triple Mikuni's and dyno-tuned to 209 fwhp @ 8250rpm w/ 193 ft lb tq. The motor was mated to the RB20 5 speed and a R192 4.44 LSD. Brakes were changed to the MK63 calipers in the front. The most challenging part of the project was getting the 10k RPM tachometer to work with the electronic ignition system. When the weather improves I'll post more pictures. Danny
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