Datsun 240Z
By Mike, 05/02/2010
  • Under the Hood This engine was given to me by Steve and the guys at Ztherapy. It's a balanced & blueprinted L28 with triple Mukuni carbs. At one time, I was running a set of triple SU carburetors built by Steve at Ztherapy. This was for a very limited time ,but, you can see the set in the photos.
  • Wheels & Tires Right now I am running a set of oversize Boyd 15" wheels and tires. I will be replacing them with 15" Konig Rewinds.
  • Suspension All powder-coated parts with new bushings and Tokico 5-way adjustable Illumina struts wnad matching springs.
  • Transmission 5-Speeed


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