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R-200 LSD Rebuild


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I've just bought a DR-30 RS-X Turbo Skyline & the R-200 LSD doesn't. I've currently got the back gover off & there are no metal partices in the housing, so I'm assuming it's just worn out & needs new clutch packs.

The question is, standard breakaway is 45ft/lb & infomation that I have says that more breakaway is desirable.

Should I get it tightened up, and if so, how much?

The car will be a daily driver, but since the diff needs re-building anyway, I'd rather get this right now & not have to pull it out again in 6 months time.

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As a daily driver 45 ft/lb's should be OK. The main reason for increasing the breakaway torque is when the car is used for racing it limits the amount of slippage. Less slippage means less heat and wear, so unless you plan on doing a lot of autocrossing or road racing I believe it would be better to stay with the stock setting. On a daily driven street car you would want the slippage for easier handling in turns, too little slippage and you would basically end up with what amounts to a "locked" rear. No fun in a tight parking lot. Not only that but you will increase the understeer (plowing) as you increase the breakaway torque. Less breakaway promotes oversteer. So you would have to adjust your driving style or suspension settings to overcome any increase.

Just as an FYI some of the old racing teams shimmed theirs anywhere from 180 to 350 pounds. Most just welded the spider gears and ran a locked rear.

If you were to tighten it I would resist going over 100ft/lbs, especially if you plan on driving this car on the street only.

Just my two cents........

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I spoke with my diff-man tonight & we are going to go for ~70ft/lbs. However due to the sensitivity of the shimming, it could end up a llitle more or less. Hopefully with this setting the car will still be quite civil in low speed turns.

I'm trying to resist modifying this car....

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