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wrecked 75 280z


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You are doing the right thing by seeking advise. First off, I am not good with body work! To me body work is replacing panels/parts and then letting the pros do their magic. Having said that I would be most concerned with the cost to repair the rear corner panels, both sides look damaged, and the radiator support, didn't you say that was bent? If the rad support is bent it could take some $$$ to fix and could mean the frame is a little tweaked, couldn't tell from the pictures. So it depends on your expertise and what you want to get out of the car. I see a lot of $$$ in repair, welding and filler going into the rear quarter panels. So as long as you don't mind this going in your okay. The driveline alone is worth the free price tag and if the registration is clean I would take it for free in a minute, but I have a friend that is a body man and have lots of the other needed parts on hand.

If I were you I would buy a new alt. belt and a good old battery take it over there and see how good it really runs! A new set of injectors is pricey too! If you are in my neighborhood I would be happy to loan you the belt and the battery if you want.

Again, so long as you know this thing is not going to be a show car without lots of $$$ you are okay. If it does run decent you have or want to have skills in body work than it my be a good idea. Check the usual rust spots- rear hatch deck, under battery, body seams, bottom of doors/fenders. Also, there is another post about salvaged titles going on this site. Check it out, I posted DMV info. Contact the DMV and find out what the title situation is, it will take you 15 minutes!

If you decide to get the car and need parts let me know. I have everything for the drivers side of the car in very good condition, and them some. (sorry folks, just trying to support my 240!)

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Looks pretty darn good to me for the "price". The damage doesn't look to be too bad, it looks like a couple repair panels and some paint and you have a decent driver. Considering the investment to get the car it shouldn't be too hard on the wallet to put it back on the road. As long as the rest of the car isn't rusted out or any other hidden surprises I'd say hit the the jackpot. I'd much rather fix a little damage like this than to try to fix a car that is all rusted out. As long as the suspension didn't take any damage, you could always save a little money( and weight) by replacing the hood with a fiberglass one. Even the bumpers look to be in pretty good shape. If there isn't too much damage underneath, if the rad support is bent it could be straightened on a frame machine, I think you would do well to fix this car up. For what you have saved in the "purchase price" I think you will probably spend a couple thousand in body and paint and have a pretty nice car when you are done. I'm not much of a body man either but in my opinion it's better to repair something that is bent than to try to replace something that has rusted to the point it isn't there anymore. Good luck.

Btw, as far as the fuel injection goes, you could always yank it off in favor of a decent set of carbs!

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