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for sale: Yokohama AVS-Int tires (nearly new)


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I've decided I am going to take my steelies to Stockton Wheel in Anaheim (or is it Orange?) and have them widened to 14x8 F and 14x9 R since the one and only set of aftermarket rims I have always wanted for my Z slipped through my fingers for a measly $10 last week on EBAY [i hate EBAY!!!! :( ]

Heck I've even been to Japan on multiple occasions looking for just that... 15x8 and 15x10 RS Watanabes in black w/polished lip.....

That means that the tires I have on there (205/60R14 AVS Intermediates) are going to be too narrow. I purchased them end of last summer (july/august & have receipts) from America's Tires (DiscountTireDirect). I drive an average of 10miles roundtrip to and from work 3 times a week - with the occasional 20mile drive out to Santa Monica/Venice here in SoCal. In other words they are nearly new and I am looking to upgrade to something like 225 width fronts, and 235/245 rears of the same brand. I love those AVS-Int's and it's a shame they are getting discontinued.

Anyways I am in Pasadena, CA (Los Angeles) if someone's interested at all???


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Hi Dale,

I can't imagine it would be too much via UPS. I've ordered tires from Discount & TireRack before and they've always come via UPS... I don't remember that they've ever been that expensive to ship......

Obviously I am looking to get some $$s back to help pay for the new set, especially considering they are nearly new (I'd be up for measuring the treads at all four corners if you wanted me to...). But I do not have a fixed # in the back of my head....

I'll have to check to see how much they cost... I think it was $65 to 75 each???? Not sure though.

How soon would you need them?


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Hmm... cool. Well either way it looks like the set will be making its way up there to NorCal at some point. Do either of you have advice on tires in the larger width I am going to want to use with the widened steels?

I imagine some retailer must still have AVS Int's in those sizes somewhere... but finding them is going to be difficult. I've only also used AND liked Yok/Advan A032R's.

I've had Pirelli P700z (screeching loud and not that sticky), DunlopSP8000 (weak construction) and liked neither.... Any recommendations on something I haven't yet but should try? Toyo T1s? Kumhos? etc


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