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'71 240Z on ebay


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Good afternoon. This is my first post here, so I guess I should cordially introduce myself. I'm Andy, living in San Luis Obispo County, CA. I am looking at getting a 240z as a project/weekend vehicle. I don't have the ability to do a full restoration currently, so I am looking for a Z that would take a few things in order to get it running, but not something that needs a lot of initial repair. I also don't have a large pocket, so as you can see my funding is limited.

Anyway, I have my eyes on this Z:


It is in San Diego County, which is where I will be going next weekend anyway. It does need a few things (tires and brakes), which I will be able to handle.

I am wondering a few things about this Z. I have asked the seller questions about frame rail rust, the hatch, etc. (as those would seriously change my thinking about this Z). I'm waiting for a reply on those questions. I am wondering whether anyone has any suggestions for me to ask about this Z? Or any comments about it?

In particular, I have seen only one other Z with this particular paint. Is the blue stripe an aftermarket add on, or was that stock? Further, it lists blue interior, which I am not too familiar with on a Z. How unusual is that?

Let me know what you think! :)

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I saw the car you are talking about. If the price doesn't get too high it looks like a good deal.

Main thing is check the floor pans, frame rails, inner fenders behind the front struts, under the battery tray on the fender and inside the hatch above the taillights for any evidence of serious rust or repairs.

It looks like a car that might be worth saving since it is a series 1 car. They are getting quite scarce, since they only made them up to about December 71.

The blue stripe on the hood is definately added on. The interior is also not stock. I think only black and tan were available on the series 1 cars. Perhaps someone has recovered the seats and door panels in blue. It might take a considerable investment in time and money to make this car right, but if the selling price stays within reason it could turn out to be a good investment. I don't think I would go much more than 2500 unless it turns out the car is in really in better shape than it looks in the pics.

If you are on a limited budget this car may need more body work than your budget allows. There are some better looking cars for more money, but will require a lot less time and money. I guess you will have to decide how big a project you can take on.

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I just went to ebay and saw the 280 convertible. If you want a nice car that doesn't need too much work you might want to look into that one. If I lived in So.Cal I know I'd love to have that one. I've been thinking about doing a convertible kit for years! The only problem is not having a top, but the people that make that kit have a removable fiberglass hardtop that isn't too expensive.

Just something for you to think about. That convertible was on there back in December I think, it evidently didn't sell. If I had a way to get it here then it probably would be in my garage.

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Thanks for the response.

I thought that the stripe and blue interior were add ons. Where can I find out more information about the Series 1 240z? What distinguishes it from another 240?

I will ask the seller about the particular rust areas on Monday. (I already sent two messages and was told she was out of town until Monday and would get back to me.) I will probably only bid if it stays at a reasonable level. I figure that it needs several hundred in immediate attention, in addition to some body work.

I am a bit partial to the 240z. My father had three Z cars, and the 240 was his favorite. I also drive a Miata, so while appealing, the 280z convertible doesn't interest to me.


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The series 1's have the vents on the hatch lid instead of on the C-pillar, that is the most easily identifying difference. There are quite a few others, the tool storage is behind the seats instead of in the rear floor, small differences in the center console to name a couple more. If you look for the thread What year do I have and what emblems do I need, you will find a full list of the differences.

I'm partial to the early cars too, just want one "topless". This car might need more than a couple hundred to get going, if it was really donated to a charity it may need quite a bit of mechanical work before it is road ready. So be sure to check it over carefully before you make your final decision. I'm not trying to scare you away from the car, just be prepared for most anything. If your dad has had Z-cars make sure he looks it over good for any "hidden" surprises. There can be quite a few. Good luck.

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